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The Maths curriculum at Moorcroft Wood Primary  is designed to provide our pupils with the strong foundation on which to build their current and future learning. We aim for our maths curriculum to be motivating and to create an enjoyable learning experience that enable children to become confident and independent mathematicians. We aim for our children to leave Moorcroft Wood with the life-long ability in mathematics to think analytically, communicate key mathematical skills and language and apply them to problem solving in a real life context. At Moorcroft Wood, children’s mental maths is of great importance so they acquire secure knowledge of number bonds and multiplication facts.


Our Curriculum Intent

Our intent is that by the end of the Foundation Stage, our children will have a deep understanding of the composition of number, be able to subitise and become very competent counters, so that their fluency with the number system provides a good foundation for mathematical understanding,. This will then set the children up so  that by the end of KS1 and KS2, children will have a secure knowledge of the number system, be able to apply their knowledge to solve problems, giving justifications for their strategies and answers using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.


At Moorcroft Wood, children will be encouraged at all times to verbally communicate their understanding of maths, and in KS1 and KS2 children are expected to write their understanding, so that it clarifies their thoughts.



Our Curriculum Implementation

Our maths curriculum is based on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract  instructional sequence, which has derived from Bruner’s research of enactive, iconic and symbolic representations of cognitive growth. This approach is also supported by research from Piaget and Dienes. Bruner believes that conceptual learning begins with an experience from actions undertaken. Based on this, we start new units in maths through  a concrete (enactive) approach to ensure our children  have a firm foundation in understanding the concept of mathematical processes.  This is then  translated into images (iconic) of the experience and understanding formed. Eventually this then develops further to stand exclusively by itself into abstract form (symbolic).This underpins our strategy of Fluency, Reasoning and problem Solving. Children will start lessons/ beginning of the unit with fluency, to ensure they have a firm  foundation of a concept. This is then progressed onto reasoning and problems solving. In these lessons children are encouraged to articulate their mathematical thinking and strategies to develop and show a deeper understanding.


Using the principles and models and images of White Rose, we have developed our own progressive, spiralised curriculum, in line with the National curriculum to meet the needs of our children.

Our Curriculum Impact

At Moorcroft Wood, we feel our mathematics curriculum results in engaging lessons, providing a high quality education.  It provides the children with the skills and knowledge to become able mathematicians which are able to articulate their learning and critical thinking. 

Parent Information Sheets to explain and support the teaching of mathematics at Moorcroft Wood. 



If you want further information about the curriculum content your child is covering please call the school office to arrange an appointment to see the subject leader.