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Phonics and Learning to Read

At Moorcroft Wood we use the RWI phonics programme.  Children begin by learning to say and recognise letter sounds and are then taught how to blend these sounds together to read words.  As children progress through the scheme they learn to recognise a greater number of sounds which enables them to read more complex words.  Children usually make rapid progress through this scheme and it is a real moment to be celebrated when children begin to read their first words independently.  The learning of sounds begins in Nursery and continues until children complete the scheme (usually by the end of Year 2). 


It is really important that children pronounce the sounds correctly.  Please watch the video below to see how to say the sounds. 


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For more information about how phonics is taught at Moorcroft Wood in EYFS, please view the presentation below.  

If you require any more information about phonics and the teaching of reading at Moorcroft Wood, please speak to your child's teacher.