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Examples of our Work

Please look at some of the excellent work that the children have produced below.  Reception children have been working incredibly hard.  

The Reception children have made excellent progress with their phonics.  This has not only supported their reading skills, but also their writing.  The children write daily as part of their phonics lessons, but also produce more extended writing once per week.  We also use 'My Marvellous Memory' as a way of revisiting writing and phonetic skills.  Check out these examples below.  

The children complete adult led and child initiated maths activities in their daily maths lessons.  The children also complete 'My Marvellous Memory' activities to revisit prior learning. 

Language Development

Language development is a key area for children in Reception.  Wellcomm and Talk Boost is used to assess and support language development.  We also use Inprint to produce signs and labels with a pictorial representation.  The children are also exposed to a wide range of texts; both fiction and non-fiction.  The children love taking part in Granny's Basket.  As part of Granny's Basket, a story is shared with the children, then we explore the vocabulary from the story and Granny offers some extended vocabulary from her basket. The children are then encouraged to use this language in their speaking. 

Music at Moorcroft

We are very lucky to have music delivered to Reception children by Sarah from Rainbow Rhyme.  The children really look forward to Sarah's lessons where they learn to use musical vocabulary such as 'piano' and 'forte', keep beats and rhythms using the claves and other instruments and listen to Sarah play live music on a variety of instruments such as the Chinese violin (erhu) and flute.