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Sonny the Attendance Dog

Sonny is a trained Learning Mentor Dog, the school dog at Meadow View and Mrs Adair’s family pet. Sonny is three years old and is a friendly, very loving dog, who loves children. He enjoys walks, especially in the park chasing his much-loved ball.  He enjoys doing tricks for treats- his favourite tricks being high five and spin. He is now the champion of attendance at Moorcroft Wood and every term the class with the best attendance will spend the afternoon playing with Sonny.


Sonny came into school on the last Friday of A1 half term; we had an assembly so all the children could meet him and learn how to look after him. He showed the children some of his favourite tricks, including dancing with Mrs Adair! All the children were fantastic, sat quietly and calmly doing their ‘Sonny Breathing’ so he was nice and relaxed. Everyone had a lovely time and Sonny is already a firm favourite!

Spring 2 Attendance Winners - Year 4

Year 4 children had a great class attendance this half term and therefore won the attendance award. This means they were rewarded with a fantastic afternoon with Sonny the dog.

The children got to talk to Mrs Adair about Sonny and spend lots of time with Sonny on the playground taking him for walks and practising tricks.

Spring 1 Attendance Winners - Year 1

Year 1 children and parents have worked so hard to get into school each day and, because of this effort, have won this Half Term’s attendance. This means the class had the pleasure of Sonny

the dog in school today as their reward.


The children had lots of fun talking to Mrs Adair about Sonny and asking lots of questions. Mrs Adair then showed the children some tricks that Sonny can do before having a go themselves. They then took it in turns to walk Sonny outside and play fetch with his ball. All of the children had a great time with Sonny and cannot wait to come back to school after half term to try to win the attendance again.

Autumn 2 Attendance Winners - Year 5

On Friday 12th January, our Year 5 class were rewarded for winning the Attendance award in the Autumn 2 term, by spending the afternoon with Sonny the dog.


The afternoon started off with Sonny meeting the Year 5 children in their classroom and practising some tricks, which Sonny was well treated for.


The children were then given the opportunity to ask any questions they had about Sonny. There was some fantastic questions asked, including what breed he is, where he sleeps at night and if he has any brothers or sisters.


After the children had asked their questions, they split into smaller groups and took Sonny for a walk around the playground, being careful to take care and walk Sonny appropriately.


Finally, some children were chosen to work with Sonny and perform the tricks practised earlier in the afternoon to the whole school in our Attendance Assembly.


The children had an amazing afternoon with Sonny!

A tremendous reward for a great half term of attendance. 

Autumn 1 Attendance Winners Y2


Congratulations to Y2 who were the first to win the attendance award. They spent the afternoon with Sonny, doing tricks and walking him in our lovely school environment. The children had a ball!

How you Can Help?

The table below show the impact of lost time at school on children's learning, but it also impacts on their well-being. School is the best place for children to be, so if you are not sure whether your child is well enough to come to school speak to us and we can support you. 


During 1 School Year







Equivalent Hours


95% 9 Days 18 Sessions 2 Weeks 54 Hours
90% 19 Days 38 Sessions 4 Weeks 114 Hours
85% 29 Days 58 Sessions 6 Weeks 174 Hours
80% 38 Days 76 Sessions 8 Weeks 228 Hours
75% 48 days 96 Sessions 10 Weeks 288 Hours
70% 57 Days 114 Sessions 11.5 Weeks 342 Hours
60% 67 Days 134 Sessions 13.5 Weeks 402 Hours


Every Minute Counts

Being 15 minutes late each day is the same as missing 2 weeks of school, over one academic year.



5 minutes late = 3 days lost

10 minutes late = 6.5 days lost

15 minutes late = 10 days lost

20 minutes late = 13 days lost 

30 minutes late = 19 days lost