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Supporting Your Child at Home

Children will receive regular homework.  These activities are designed to be fun and practical and offer a good opportunity to work with your child.  Children will also have reading books to share at home which will be matched to the school phonics scheme.  Children will also have regular access to the EYFS library and the chance to win prizes for reading books. 

We have recently introduced two exciting new initiatives to encourage a love of reading.  Reading Rockets will run along side the 1000 Stories initiative.  As part of Reading Rockets, each child will receive a book mark card.  Each time the child reads a book, the card is stamped.  Once the child receives 10 stamps, they can take a prize out of the basket.  The child will then be given a new card and start the process of collecting 10 stamps again.  The 1000 Stories initiative has worked incredibly well and we hope that Reading Rockets will be just as successful in encouraging children to read.  Remember to check out our web pages offering tips for supporting reading at home. 

Also, to encourage reading at home, we have recently introduced the 'Snuggle up with a Good Book' initiative.  Each week a child will be chosen to take home the reading bag.  It will contain a book to share at home along with a hot chocolate and packet of biscuits.  There will also be a book included in which you can write a comment about the story you have shared.  There is also a panda bear who loves to snuggle up and listen to a story too! Enjoy!

Several training courses are being offered by Walsall Healthcare NHS Health Visiting Service. The training courses include sleep awareness in children, understanding your child's behaviour, toilet training and bedwetting. The training is online. If you would like any further information about a particular course, please contact Mr Leese.