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(Why we teach History)

Children of the Atlas Federation are taught history to give them an insight to life in the past. Through a strong chronological underpinning, children explore different time periods in both British and world history and make comparisons to help explain what life was like and how things have changed. By making connections to the past and present, children will be better informed for their future. Children will use case studies into significant sites that provide artefacts that expose different elements of the past. Our curriculum will develop children to think critically and to formulate understanding by asking questions and weighing evidence to make judgements. Children will be supported to develop an understanding of the diversity of societies and the relationships between different groups to help develop their own identities and build resilience to current challenges.





Curriculum / Progress Map

Understanding the



My family and


ChangeTransport and the seaside


Year 1Changes within living memoryQueen Elizabeth IIThe first flight
Year 2The Gunpowder PlotLocal history of our schoolExplorers
Year 3The Stone AgeThe Bronze Age to the Iron AgeAncient Egypt
Year 4Roman BritainAnglo SaxonsThe Maya
Year 5The Viking struggle for England Local history of our local areaAncient Greece
Year 6Early Islamic civilizationWorld War 2Societal changes in the last 100 years