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We take children through a journey in order to improve them as writers. We want children to be driven to write by purpose.  These include: to create, to entertain, to express, to persuade, to inform and to record. Writing is a creative art and a form of expression that allows pupils at Moorcroft Wood Primary School to have a voice and express themselves. Our writing process is blocked into units of work. Firstly, children are exposed to a particular quality text where they learn about particular key features and techniques, being exposed to what makes it a quality example. The second stage of writing is the point where the children are taught the punctuation and grammar skills needed in order to create a final piece of writing. Most grammar, punctuation and vocabulary elements are taught in context of the text. This allows the metalanguage of grammar to be ‘caught as well as explicitly taught’.  During this stage of writing children may also carry out incidental pieces of writing in order to show understanding of character, setting or plot or grammatical skills taught. The final stage of writing is where the children explore and record their ideas through drafting, editing and proofreading, their final independent piece of writing based on their studied genre. We teach the spelling content and lists taken from the National Curriculum.  We also promote 'Penpals' handwriting which children practise regularly.

Talk for Writing

We are excited to share that from this academic year we will be taking part in a 'Talk for Writing' partnership project with St Matthew's Primary School (Nechells. Birmingham). St Matthew's are a well established 'Talk for Writing' school that will be providing us with guidance and support, through which we hope to develop outstanding teaching and learning in writing. 'Talk for Writing' is a scheme that boasts not only amazing academic results, but the fostering of lifelong confidence and love of writing for pupils. The project will continue up until 2024 - we will be providing updates on how the project is developing!

Talk for Writing Progression Maps