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Illness and Sickness


Absence Due to Sickness


In any instance where your child is not well enough to attend school, please contact the school office on (01902) 495943 before 9.00am on every day of your child's absence, leaving a message on the absence line.

Please do not report your child's absence from school via Class Dojo as these messages can be missed during school hours.


When deciding whether or not your child is too ill to attend school. Ask yourself:


  • Is your child well enough to carry out the activities of the school day? If not, keep your child at home and consult your GP as appropriate.
  • Does your child have a condition that could be passed on to other children or school staff? If so, keep your child at home.
  • Would you take a day off work if you had this condition? If so, keep your child at home.


Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines for Schools