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Newsletter Friday 5th November

As promised, every week we are going to share a weekly “E-Safety Top Tip” to help keep you and your family safe online.

This week’s Top Tip… Setting up parental controls with…



Whilst it our aim to ensure every child at Moorcroft Wood can navigate the online world safely, we do not want it to be through restricting their curiosity.

One way of ensuring your child can use any device connected to the internet and be protected from inappropriate content, is to set up parental controls.

Whilst this can seem quite daunting, it is actually easy no matter whether the device is a gaming console, the home PC or a tablet.



                                STEP 1)        Please click through the below link

STEP 2)        Scroll down to the How To Set Parental Controls section and select your device.




You will then be able to download a simple guide for that specific device with easy step by step instructions including images to guide you through.

Equally if you would prefer, a copy of eachof these guides can be downloaded below.


And finally, as ever, should you have any questions about this, or concerns about anything you or your child sees online, please do not hesitate to speak to either your child’s teacher or a member of Moorcroft Wood management team.