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Reading is one of life’s most essential skills. At Moorcroft Wood Primary School, we hope that all children will develop a love of books, enthusiasm for improving their reading skills and grow to be confident, competent readers. Reading is happening all the time in our classrooms and across school. It is not only taught in Phonics and English lessons, but children are practising and using their 'reading' constantly across all subjects too.


Pupils have opportunities to undertake guided, shared and independent reading throughout the school. A diverse range of books and a staged reading scheme are available for pupils to take home to read.

As a school, we utilise Reciprocal Reading strategies. Reciprocal reading involves a dialogue between the teacher and children. It is a group activity where the leader first models a number of effective reading strategies which the children learn to use for themselves independently. It is an interactive teaching technique and is suitable for all readers. Reciprocal reading has four key strategies that the children will become familiar with and can use in not only guided reading session, but also other areas of the curriculum.


What are we going to read about in the text selection? (Inference)


Which words and phrases so we need to find the meaning of? (Word meanings)


Can we ask questions to help us learn more about the text? (knowledge and understanding in context)


What are the main ideas in this section? (Putting it into words)


Home Reading at Moorcroft Wood

Children, who partake in the phonics programme,  will take home an RWI Book Bag reading book matched to the RWI level they are currently working on in school. They will have read a different RWI text with an adult in school and the book they take home will reinforce the learning that has taken place in class. Children will change their RWI Book Bag reading book at least once a week. 


Children who do not need to continue to follow the phonics scheme, will  bring home a color banded book from their suitable colour banding. These will be changed once a week, but can be changed more frequently if the child has read it on several occasions and has had their reading diary signed by an adult. 


If you want further information about the curriculum content your child is covering please call the school office to arrange an appointment to see the subject leader. 

Supporting Your Child at home 

Reading at home and daily practice is vital in helping to improve your child's future reading and learning. At Moorcroft, we know how important it is for teachers and parents to work together to give your child the best start.

Reading together at home is one of the easiest but most important ways in which you can help your child. As you share books you are helping improve your child’s reading skills and also showing them how important and enjoyable reading is. 

The more a child reads, the quicker they will develop as readers. It is often recommended that beginning readers spend 15 or 20 minutes reading each day (in addition to the reading they do at school). However, the amount of reading a child does is most important, not the amount of time they spend doing it.

We have put together some parent guides to help support your child with their reading at home.

 We will also be sending these home,so please look out for these in your child's book bag.



Recommended Reads



Developing a Love for Reading 

We are having a real push in school in developing the love for reading as we know that when children develop a love for reading, it can impact their understanding and love for the whole curriculum. 


To encourage children to read regularly, we have launched a new reading rewards system called Rocket into Reading. The more the children read, the more prizes they will win! Alongside this, we have introduced a Reading Suitcase and Reading Raffle system, where not only are there prizes for the children, but for parents too! For further information about these please see the letter below. 

Congratulations to the winners of the reading vouchers for Spring 1. I look forward to hearing what the nice things the parents and children have treated themselves to!


KS1- Chester (Year 1)

KS2- Finn (Year 4)


Assembly - The Day the Crayons Quit- performed by SLT.

The Senior Leadership performed the Day the Crayons Quit to inspire a love of reading. In the story, a little boy named Duncan receives a stack of letters from his crayons. In the letters, each crayon shares why they are quitting. This humorous view into the life of a child through their crayons made all the children smile, from red crayons concerns about her overuse at Christmas to blue crayons worries that due to being Duncan's favourite she was becoming stubby; to yellow and orange crayon falling out as they both think they are the colour of the sun! Fortunately, Duncan knew how to sort it out in the end, but you will have to read the book to find out.  All enjoyed the assembly and smiles and laughter could be heard throughout. You really cannot beat a good book! 




The Love Of Reading Assembly by the Senior Leadership Team