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Safer Internet Day 2023

Safer Internet Day 2023

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of the amazing acivities we did around the school on Tuesday for ‘Safer Internet Day’ via our Facebook page.

The theme of “Want to talk about it? Making Space for Conversations About Life Online” is a really important one where the message of children being able to approach ANY adult in school if they see or hear anything online that they want to talk about.

It was also really interesting from a teacher perspective to hear how much time children spend online and what experiences they have in this time.


One thing we can all do to support children in this minefield of the internet is have open and honest conversations about the things children see and do so we can keep them safe online.

Please download the below resource for some activities for you to do with your children to:


• think about the positive and negative impacts technology has on our daily lives.

• how to check-in with your child’s online activity.

• share and better understand language and slang used in online spaces.