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Newsletter Friday 19th November


One thing we as a staff have realised, is children can't get enough of YouTube.

Whether it be using it to watch their favourite TV programme or watching an unboxing video, it is the go to site for many children.

So much so it is enjoyed by millions throughout the world every day.

Yet among all those cute cat videos, or hours of uninterrupted computer game walk-throughs, there is challenging and sometimes disturbing content that may be unsuitable for children and young people.

However there are some things you can do to ensure your child is not exposed to mature content or that age-restricted videos won't show up in searches, related videos, playlists and shows.


Firstly, do you want to have a better understanding of YouTube’s features and some common questions answered? If so please read the below “Thinuknow Parents guide to YouTube”.

Now some options you have to make using YouTube a little safer for your child…


OPTION 1 – Parental controls

You can set up parental controls, called YouTube’s SafetyMode.

This can help you limit content on YouTube that might not be against YouTube’s community guidelines but might be unsuitable for your child.

For more information on this option, and how to set it up, please follow the below link…

OPTION 2 – YouTube Kids

Because children and young people love YouTube so much, last year, Google launched a special child-friendly version, YouTube Kids, aimed at children under 13.

YouTube Kids is an app developed by YouTube aimed at delivering age-appropriate content that is free to view.

For more information on this option, please read the below document


Should you have any concerns about any of the above suggestions or how to action any of the recommendations please do not hesitate to speak to either your child’s teacher or a member of Moorcroft Wood’s management team.