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Develop a Love of Reading

We really want our children to develop a love of reading and for books.  We have several initiatives in school that aim to do this.  The children take part in 1000 Stories (launched by Walsall Council) which rewards children with prizes for visiting the EYFS library and borrowing books for their parents to share with them.  The children are always very keen to visit the library and it is great to see them there!


We also run the 'Reading Rockets' scheme which encourages children to read books.  Each child has a Reading Rocket card and they collect a stamp for every book they read.  Once they have collected 10 stamps, the card can be exchanged for one of the many exciting Reading Rockets prizes.


Sharing a book with your child is a great way of spending quality time together.  It also helps your child with their language development, widens their knowledge and can help them with their writing skills - quite simply, the more quality books that children are exposed to the better they do at school!  We are very lucky at Moorcroft Wood because we have our own EYFS library which is open regularly at home time and parents are welcome to visit with their children to borrow a book. For tips about how to share books with children, please watch the video below by Neil Griffiths.  Neil was a headteacher and is a really engaging story teller.  



Neil Griffiths, passionate storyteller and former headteacher, shares some of his tips and techniques for keeping children engaged and entertained with reading. Many parents feel ill-equipped to tell a good bedtime story and hard pressed to find the time to do so; with Sneezy Bear - a story about a bear that can't stop sneezing!