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School Meals


Walsall Catering Service, the council’s own catering department, provides school meals in 64 schools across the borough, including at Moorcroft Wood Primary School.


Meals are cooked freshly every day by well trained staff, using high quality ingredients. All menus comply with the Government’s new food and nutrient standards introduced to ensure children are guaranteed a tasty and nutritious meal.


School meals are now made using less sugar, salt and fat, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. They include a wide range of healthy options, and combine traditional favourite dishes such as roast dinners, with new and exciting ranges including chicken joe wraps.

There is also a salad bar are 5 days a week available in all primary and secondary schools.


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UK Government Food Standards

Lunch Menu


Everyday, children who choose a school lunch will have the option of...


Jacket potatoes with a choice of tuna, sweetcorn, cheese and beans.




A choice of sandwiches from tuna, cheese or ham. 




A hot meal.

This hot meal is rotated on a 3 week rota system so please look carefully at the dates and what food is available each week.


Please see below for the menus running on a rota system until the end of March 2023.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3