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Read,Write, Inc.


'Teach a child to read and keep that child reading and we will change everything. And I mean everything'

 Jeanette Winterson


Early reading is crucial and vital to children’s access of the curriculum, so the ability to efficiently decode is essential. The Read, Write Inc. programme is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme that explicitly teaches children to read fluently and accurately. All colleagues have been trained to deliver the Read, Write Inc phonics programme regardless of their Key Stage or role in school. At The Atlas Federation, we value reading as a key life skill and one that lays the foundations for lifelong learning. The continuity and pace of the programme is key to accelerating the progress of children’s reading development. The RWI phonics sessions take place daily from Reception to KS1. Short, focused, daily phonics sessions are crucial in developing these reading skills, but also vital in supporting our children to become independent readers who love reading - undoubtedly our ultimate goal. Children are taught sounds to apply a knowledge of synthetic phonics in order to decode unfamiliar words with increasing accuracy and speed. We want every child to learn to decode quickly and accurately, with fluency and understanding, so that reading becomes effortless. This enables children to develop their comprehension so that they can then begin to read for pleasure. The Read, Write Inc reading books that the children access in guided reading at school and those that they take home are carefully matched to the children’s phonic knowledge and so are fully decodable. Our school is committed to ensuring every pupil will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. v


RWI Progress Expectations Grid



Baseline: -Set 1 sounds Group A

End of Aut Term 1:-Set 1 sounds Group B

End of Aut Term 2:-Set 1 sounds Group C

End of Spring Term 1:-Ditties

End of Spring Term 2:-Red books

End of Summer Term 1:-Green books

End of Summer Term 2:-Green /Purple books


Year 1:

End of Aut Term 1:-Purple books

End of Aut Term 2:-Pink books

End of Spring Term 1:-Orange books

End of Spring Term 2:-Yellow books

End of Summer Term 1:-Yellow books

End of Summer Term 2:-Blue books


Year 2:

End of Aut Term 1:-Blue books

End of Aut Term 2:-Grey books

End of Spring Term 1:-Grey books

End of Spring Term 2:-Onwards- Literacy /Comp

Parent Phonics Meeting 


Please find below the PowerPoint from the parent phonics meeting. This will help you understand how phonics is taught at Moorcroft as well as give you information about the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. 

If you have any questions or want any further information about these, please feel free to contact school.