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Just a reminder that the school gates open at 8:45am and registers are taken at 8:55am. Any children arriving after this time need to be signed in at the office.


As it's the beginning of a new school year, we would like to inform you of our attendance targets and rewards system.

Our school target for attendance is 98%. The National target for attendance is 96%.


Throughout this academic year, rewards will be awarded not only for 100% attendance but also those pupils who achieve our school target and the national target.


The names of all children who have achieved one of the target groups each half term will be put into a prize draw with the winners receiving the following awards:

100% attendance - £30

98% attendance - £20

96% attendance - £10


Termly certificates will also be presented in special assemblies to pupils achieving the above targets.


Children's Services Education Welfare Service monitors all pupils whose attendance falls below 93%.


Leave of absence in school term time will not be authorised (unless it meets the exceptional circumstances criteria outlined by the local authority) and may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued.


If there are any issues which may affect your child's attendance, please come into school and have a chat with Miss Nickless.