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Year 6 Sats

Sats Week 2022


It's that time - Sats are just around the corner so I thought I'd put some information together for you all so that you are aware of how it all works. Year 6 children are required to sit their Sats towards the end of their time at primary school - the results they then achieve are passed on to their new secondary and influence the classes your child is put into when they start their next adventure.


Sats runs for 4 days from 9th May - 12th May. Each day the chilldren have one or two tests based around Maths and English which focus on all the things they have learnt across Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6). Take a look below at what tests are on what days:


Monday 9th May: SPaG Test & Spelling Test

Tuesday 10th May: Reading Test

Wednesday 11th May: Maths Arithmetic Test 1 & Maths Reasoning Test 2

Thursday 12th May: Maths Reasoning Test 3


The children will sit the tests in the morning at approximately 9:30am. The duration of the tests range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 


Sats Breakfast Club

During Sats week there is a breakfast club set up for the Year 6 children where they can come into school before everyone else (starts at 8am), have breakfast, a chat with their peers and it is time to calm the nerves before they sit their tests. After they've eaten they will have the opportunity to have a play outside before doing some quick revision and preparing for their tests. 


Children will need to enter through the main office to attend this (Monday to Thursday only) and come to their Year 6 classroom where breakfast will be served. In the past when this has run we've found it has had a positive impact on the children as they are ready for their day ahead and all the nerves have quickly disappeared.