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Year 5

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Hi, welcome to Year 5's Class Page, my name is Miss Wall and I have the pleasure of teaching this wonderful class. Take a look below to see what we do in Year 5 and how much they learn. I look forward to sharing the children's brilliant work completed in class. 


Also don't forget to take a look at our school Facebook and Class Dojo pages for regular updates.

Online Learning January 2021

Good Morning Year 5,


Here you will find your online learning tasks for the coming weeks - each day will be posted linked to the date. Please click on the star just like before to find your tasks for the day. We will be online 3 times a day - once for Maths at 9:10am, once for English at 10:50am and the last one will be to share our class read at 2:35pm. We will be using Google Classroom for our online lessons from now on. If you have any problems logging in to this please let me know. 


Miss Wall

Week Three - 18th- 22nd January 2021
Week Two - 11th -15th January 2021
Week One - 6-8th January 2021


5th January

Good morning all, we find ourselves on another adventure into online learning and I am confident in saying I know you will all do a fabulous job as you have done in the past.


Today is the day that you will have to set yourself up again at home, please make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit when you are working, you have all the equipment needed – a pencil or pen, rubber and ruler and your work space is in a quiet but central location in the house where an adult is accessible should you need their help.


Our online learning will start tomorrow (Wednesday 6th). I will be in touch with our schedule and the online platform we will be using – either Zoom or Google Classroom later on today. For those of you that were in school yesterday can you please spend some time today to check your Google login on your own computer/laptop/tablet/phone and let me know through Class Dojo if you are able to access this or if you have any problems with it.


For those of you that are receiving your packs today, once you receive them can you type into your internet search bar – Google Classroom – select the first link that appears and click on the sign in box for Google Classroom on the top right of your screen. Use the login card you have in your pack to login, accept the new user agreement and click on ‘I’m a student’. Once you have done this a grey box will appear named ‘5W’. Click on this link. That is all you need to do for today, I will provide more information on this once a schedule has been arranged for tomorrow’s lessons.


Also spend some time today helping around the house – Have you made your bed this morning? Could you make lunch for your parents/carers who you are going to be spending a lot more time with? Have you put your socks in the laundry basket? Could you hang the washing up or even something as simple as making them a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate? (Please be careful with that last one!)


Please at this point do NOT touch your books as you do NOT need them today. If you choose to do any extra-curricular activities such as some art/craft based activities, sports in the garden, or reading etc please send any photos through to Class Dojo and there will be dojo points awarded.


**For those of you that are interested our book this term is called ‘Skellig’ by David Almond, I am aware that some parents purchased our previous book for the children so they could follow the story as we read together in class and online. If you wish to do the same with this book them please do, however I do encourage the children not to read ahead as this can sometimes spoil it for others.**



Any queries please contact me via Class Dojo, School’s Facebook or the school text messaging service.

Miss Wall



Our PE day this year is a Monday, the children will need to come to school wearing their PE kit however if they are swimming they will also need to bring the swimming kit in a bag with them too. 


Homework will be given out every Friday, this will include spellings, English and Maths work. The homework will also be uploaded to this page so everyone can access it at home. This needs to be returned back to school on a Tuesday and spelling tests will take place on the following Friday. 



Harvest Assembly

Watch Year 5's Harvest Assembly

Harvest Samba

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Cauliflowers Fluffy

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Autumn Days

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The Boy at the Back of the Class

This is our class text that we are reading this term, we will be completing writing tasks based on the events in the book. The children have already written predictions for the story when they saw just the front and back covers of the book and they are currently working on writing a diary entry based around Ahmet's first day in his new school. 


The book is about a group of 9-year old children and tells the tale of friendship and how being different brings us all together.  

Anglo Saxon Project

Spellings - Test 16th October 2020

Spellings - Test 9th October 2020

Spellings - Test 2nd October 2020

Spellings - Test 25th September 2020

Spellings - Test on 18th September 2020