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Year 4

Below you will find a timetable and all of the activities (including page numbers for workbooks) each day. It will be updated by 8:30 each morning ready for the day's adventure. 

Live google classroom (meet) will be at 9:40, 11:20 and 2:50 each day.

Your child is expected to be on line at those times ready to learn. 

All other sessions can be completed throughout the day if you cannot access online due to other child commitments.


I will be available to answer any questions regarding home learning either via google classroom or dojo all day so please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Photos of your child's completed work should be sent to me via class dojo as they are completed so marking and feedback can be given. Dojo points will be awarded for completed work.


I will try to make this as normal for your child as possible, if they want to they can join us via google classroom throughout the day as I will be online. 


I will see you all tomorrow and look forward to a new challenge.




Wednesday 24th February - Wellbeing Wednesday

Friday 29th January

Thursday 7th January Work

Wednesday 6th January


Here is our timetable for online learning 








1:30 – 2:30


2:50 – 3:10

Morning activity (see website)


Times table practise

Maths. Online 9:40 – 9:55 then


Break time

Recap activity (see website)

English. Online

11:20 – 11:35

then workbooks

Lunch time

Topic. (see website)

Reading time. Choose a book and a quiet area to read for a while.

Online 2:50 – 3:10. Miss Perry to read our class read


Morning Activity



Times Tables Practise

This can be hit the button or times table rockstars if you can access. (I have logins in school if you need them) If not then write out the tables you are working on.



Join me via the google meet (google classroom) at 9:40 for a 15 minute live session on place value.

Continuing with Monday's lesson we will be looking at the value of numbers. 

Once the session is over complete pg 8 (YR4 book) or pg 1 (YR2 book) Can you put the date at the top of the page please.


Extension Challenge


If I have the cards


6,  2,  5,  0


How many different numbers can you make between 2000 and 7000?


Recap Activity


In your books (Date and title)




Join us at 11:20 for a 15 minute live English lesson on nouns.

What is the difference between a noun and a proper noun?

Can you use adjectives to describe a noun?

After the lesson complete pg 4 and 5 (Yr4) pg 2 and 6 (Yr2) (date at the top of the page)



How many nouns can you find  in 30 seconds?

What proper nouns can you find?

Can you use an adjective to describe the noun? Are there better words you can use?

Write these in your blue book. (date and title)



RE: Buddhism

Key Question: Could Buddha's teachings make the world a better place?


Title: My Wonderful World

Think about what sort of world we live in. Listen to song 'My Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong on You Tube. How does it make you feel?

Look at the sheet of 8 pictures and decide which ones you would like in your ideal world. Does everyone experience the world as being wonderful? What might be causing the suffering or unpleasant experiences? What can be done to change this?


Activity: Either use magazines, newspapers, pictures to design an image board (collage) of your ideal world (See example) or draw a picture of your ideal world.




Read a book of your choice in eric time and then join me for a live session for our class read at 2:50.


If you find yourself with some spare time we will be watching BBC Newsround in school, you could too.


Get a bit of exercise in as this is very important. Go for some fresh air in your garden or join Joe Wicks for some quick indoor exercises.






January 2021 - our online journey begins...


Good morning Year 4, we find ourselves in a very strange situation today and I'm sure you all have questions. 


For today I need you to find somewhere suitable to access your online learning from tomorrow (Wednesday 6th January) and make sure you have all of the equipment you will need. (pen, pencil, workbooks, laptop/ipad etc)


I will be in touch later on regards timetables and what will be happening from tomorrow. 


Once your workstation is ready, I'd like you to spend a bit of time doing something that will help you relax so your mind is ready for our online learning adventure that begins tomorrow. 

This could be reading a book, colouring, playing a game or watching a movie. Feel free to send pictures to class DOJO. 

Welcome to the new Year 4 class page. 


About Me


I'm Miss Perry and I am super excited to be in Year 4 along with Miss Amos and Mrs Price.


Most of you already know me as I have run After School Club and Play Scheme for many years.

I have been a part of the Moorcroft family for over 12 years, as a Teaching Assistant and was lucky to be able to complete my teacher traning here too. (What a crazy year)


I was delighted when I was offered the position as Year 4 class teacher and could not wait to get started planning some exciting lessons for you. 


I have a 17 year old son, who used to attend Moorcroft Wood, named Cameron. Even though he is taller than me, he is still my little boy. 

I love animals! I have what I call a mini farm at home with lizards, chickens, a rabbit, tortoise and a snake. If I could get a zebra in there too I would because they are amazing creatures. 


We have a great half term coming up learning about the Ancient Greeks, Where we live, how yoghurt is made and even Mama Mia in music. 

Parents look out for the pictures showing you what we have been getting up to. 



Our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, children can come in kit for the whole day. No need to send their uniform. PE will be outdoors so warm clothing is essential as the days get cooler.


Homework will be given out on Fridays, this will include Maths, English and Spellings. I will put a copy of the spellings onto Class Dojo each Friday just incase they go missing. Spare copies will be available in class if any homework happens to get lost.

Homework to be returned by Tuesday.

Knowing their Timestables is important so please ask you child questions whenever you can. A quick few minutes in the car or walk to school can make all the difference. 


To help build your child's fluency and ability, we ask that you listen to your child read 4 times a week if possible. Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Friday. Due to Covid-19 regulations, books need to be quarantined before we can reissue them.


I know this seems a lot to ask but your child should be able to complete their homework and practise their spellings without much help, maybe just remind them it's due in. Thank you. 


If you have any issues or need to speak to me about anything please see me at the class entrance or drop me a message on Class Dojo or via the school Facebook page.




PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, don't forget you can come in your PE clothes for the day. Yay, no getting changed!


Read your book at home at least 4 times each week to get a raffle ticket - raffle tickets win prizes!

A few pages before school, before bed or even whilst Mom or Dad are washing up can make all the difference to getting you a Free Reader pass!


Remember to do your Maths and English homework and bring it back into school before Tuesday. Raffle tickets up for grabs!

Practise, practise and practise your spellings some more.

Your spelling test is on a Friday, let's aim for full marks each week. 


One last thing, which is THE most important thing for being in Year 4...


Make sure you come to school super refreshed and ALWAYS smiling! 




Spelling test Friday 13th November