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Year 3 Reading Challenge

Year 3 Reading Challenge

Can we read ourselves to Lapland before Christmas?

Did you know Lapland (where Father Christmas lives) is 2,038 miles away?

Our challenge as a class, is to read ourselves there before Christmas.

So for ever page we read, that will get us a mile on the journey.

Between us can we read enough pages to get to Lapland before we break for Christmas?

Here are the rules…

  • Any reading you do can be counted.

That means your reading book, magazines, a web page or a page of a comic.

Reading done at any time can be counted so not just the reading at 1pm but if you read before bed, keep count of the pages you read then and include that in your daily total.

  • Tell us how many pages you have read

Please bring your total from the day before to our 9am Zoom call. If you cannot be on the Zoom call, bring them to the next call or ask an adult to send the number via Class Dojo.

Mrs Potts will then add all the pages up we have read as a class and tell us where we are up to on our journey.


If we can achieve this challenge, I promise you will be rewarded with a Christmas Movie afternoon with popcorn and lots of your other treats!

Let’s get reading!