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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

University of Bristol

Mr. Lester, Mrs. Jordan and the incredible Year 1 class welcome you our Class Page! Take a look below at some of the amazing work and activities Year 1 are getting up to this year and find lots useful information and links.

Our Current Topic Text is...

Traction Man is here! - by Mini Grey

Listen along to this term's Topic Text.

Traction Man meets Turbodog - by Mini Grey

Join Traction Man on another adventure to rescue a friend.

Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey - by Mini Grey

Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush head to the beach. What adventures await them and will they make it back it one piece?

In this topic, some of the things we will be learning about are:

  • Comparing the weather in each of the four seasons.
  • Making appropriate clothing choices for each of the four seasons.
  • Comparing how things have changed since when our grandparents were children, including toys.
  • Making pictures and toys with moving parts.




Autumn 1 Topic Text was...

In this topic, some of the things we will be learning about are:

  • Using our Senses to find the creatures in the deep, dark wood.
  • Finding our way through the woods using maps.
  • How the Gruffalo leaves footprints and how to make prints of our own.

Halloween whole part monsters

Guess the smell using our sense of smell

Whole part model partitioning in Maths

Fun with Phonics!

The Gruffalo - Year 1 Talk for Writing

Year 1 have learnt our version of The Gruffalo off by heart using a story map and actions. Take a look!

Question Words

Year 1 thinking of some questions to ask the characters from the Gruffalo story!

He has terrible tusks and terrible claws...

Year 1 have been looking at naming body parts and have discussed what their purpose is.

Story Map

We have shortened the story down and created a story map made up of pictures to help us learn the story. Alongside these pictures, we use actions to help us retell the story off by heart.

Capital letters

We have been recognising the initial letters and matching them to their capital letters.

Aha! Oho! A track in the snow! Whose is this track and where does it go?