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Wellbeing Wednesday 2nd March

Good morning Year 3, and welcome to our second…

 Wellbeing Wednesday.

Below are the learning activities for the day like normal, BUT these will all be non-screen based.


A couple of things to remember…

  • There will NOT be any video lessons today.

However I am still available so should you want a conversation or guidance about the work set, please ask an adult to message me on Class Dojo.

  • To help reduce the amount on time on this web page, all the below tasks are detailed on a Word document at the bottom of the page which might be easier to print off.
  • Even though I will not be seeing you today, I do still need confirmation that you are engaging in the daily tasks. Therefore I will need a message on Class Dojo confirming you are working though the daily tasks, and ideally, I would love to see photos of you attempting the activities.
































Times tables





Describe The










Good Deed Time



09.00 – 09.30

Maths times tables


Please see below another blank “Multiplication Square” which I want you to complete as quickly as possible.

You completed one of these last week, can you complete it quicker today?


Remember that the numbers along the top tell you which times table it is, and the numbers going down is how many lots of that number.


For example…


Also do not forget for those times tables you have not learnt yet like the 9 times table, you already know a lot of them. For example you know from your 2 times tables that 2 x 9 = 18.

By knowing that, it also means you know 9 x 2 also equals 18.

Therefore that will complete one of the 9 times tables (see below)


How quickly can you complete the entire Multiplication Square?



09.30 – 10.15

Maths Right Angle Hunt


Building on this week’s learning on 2D shapes and their properties I have a challenge for you.


I want you to choose a room in your house and try to find as many right angles as possible.


Remember a right angle is where two perpendicular lines meet.


Do not forget you have something to remind you of what a right angle looks like.

That’s right… your hand.

So pick a room, and get looking. Normally we would be looking at a screen for one of our lesson. Well there you go, there are four right there.

No more clues, I will leave it to you.



If you complete this Right Angle hunt and have some time left, I have another challenge for you.

Using the squared paper in your Maths book I want you to draw a shape with as many right angles as possible.

As we know from yesterday’s lesson, a square has four right angles. You can draw any irregular shape so you will be able to include more than four?


Have a go, and be sure to ask an adult to send me a picture of your attempt on Class Dojo.




10.30 – 11.00

You Describe the Item… Mr Gilbey Guesses the Item


How good are your description skills? We are about to find out.

I want you to pick an ‘everyday item’ from somewhere around your house.

I then want you to describe it without mentioning what it is.

I will then read your description and see if I can guess what item you are describing.

We did something similar with fruit a couple of weeks ago and you were all very good, so fingers crossed we can do this as well.


Couple of top tips…

You will need to describe both what it looks like AND what it does.

As with any writing, please remember to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces between words.




11.00 – 12.00


Next week’s return to school


As you are all aware next Monday we will all be back in class together.

As I have said many times, no one has been through this remote learning before. That includes myself, Mrs Potts, your parents or even your grandparents.


Therefore I want to know how you are feeling about this return to school.

The main thing here, is I want you to be honest.

You do not need to worry about telling me you are not looking forward to it if that is how you feel. You will never get in trouble for telling me the truth.


Some things I would like to know…

  • How are you feeling about Monday?
  • If you are looking forward to it, why?
  • If you are not looking forward to it, why?
  • And yes, you can be feeling both. You might be looking forward to one thing but not another.
  • Is there anything you want to do in the first week back?


I would love to know these things so I think it will be easiest to communicate these to me in the form of a letter.


Therefore please use this time to think about these questions, and when you are ready, write your answers in the form of a letter.

Then when we get back to school on Monday I will find the time to read all the letters so I can do whatever possible to plan the things you want to do, and be aware of how you are all feeling individually.




1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

In keeping with our “no screen Wednesday” I still want you to use this time to read, but please do not use Bug Club today.

Why not read your reading book from school.

Or you could read some of your favourite book.

If you want, you could use this time to read a good comic.

I don’t mind what you read, as long as it’s not on a screen!






1.20pm – 2.20pm



We nearly went a whole day without doing anything on our topic of Fruit and Vegetables.

We cannot be having that.


So I want you to use this time to draw a piece of fruit or vegetable that you have in your fridge.

If you are lucky and have lots of different pieces of fruit and veg, why not put one of each of them together and try and draw them all together like a fruit bowl.


I know I sound like a broken record but I am going to say the same thing I always say when I ask you to draw something…


“Draw what you see, not what you think you see”



Please really look at your fruit.

What shape is it? No apple is exactly round. If your apple is wider at the bottom that the top, then that is how I want you to draw it.

If your orange has a couple of small brown dots on its peel, include those.

If you have colouring pencils you can add colour and try to remember what you learnt when we looked at shading.

No fruit is exactly the same colour everywhere. Some parts of your banana for example might be brighter yellow whilst towards the tip it might become browner.

Do you have a part of it where the light it reflecting and there is almost a part of the peel looking white? Can you leave that part white on your drawing so you capture the reflection?


Give it a go and do not forget…

It will be easier it you press lightly with your pencil to start with. That way if you do need to rub out it will do.

After you have finished one piece of fruit or veg, do not be afraid to try another piece.

If you do not have any fruit and veg in your house, pick another food from the kitchen, put it on a flat surface and draw that instead.





2.20pm – 2.45pm

Good Deed Time


Without a Mr Gilbey Reads session today, I want you to use this time to do something, a good deed, for your adult.

No matter how stressful you have found being at home over the last eight weeks, I guarantee it would have been much worse if you were not lucky enough to have the support of your grown ups.

Therefore before you return to school on Monday this is a chance to say thank you to them by doing something for them.


Could you tidy your room?

Could you help prepare dinner?

If the weather is lovely how about washing the car?

Could you clean out the hutch / run of your pet?


There are loads of things you could do and I am sure your grown up would really appreciate it.