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Good morning Year 3, and welcome to our first ever…

 Wellbeing Wednesday.


Below are the learning activities for the day like normal, BUT these will all be non-screen based.

This means once your adult has printed off the below notes and resources you can complete all the tasks without needing to stare at a screen.


A couple of questions you may have…

  • There will NOT be any video lessons today.

However I am still available so should you want a conversation or guidance about the work set, please ask an adult to message me on Class Dojo.

  • To help reduce the amount on time on this web page, all the below tasks are detailed on a Word document at the bottom of the page which might be easier to print off.
  • Even though I will not be seeing you today, I do still need confirmation that you are engaging in the daily tasks. Therefore I will need a message on Class Dojo confirming you are working though the daily tasks, and ideally, I would love to see photos of you attempting the activities.


Today’s Non-screen Tasks





























English Quizzes






Design Your Own…



Wellbeing Time



09.00 – 10.00

Maths times tables


Because of the importance of knowing your times tables, we are going to keep this slot in today but use a different technique to practise them.


Please see below a “Multiplication Square” which I want you to complete as much of as possible.


The numbers along the top tell you which times table it is, and the numbers going down is how many lots of that number.


For example...


I have completed the 2 times table on a Multiplication Square below so you can see how it is done. 

Your challenge is to complete as much of this square as you can.


Can you complete it all?

Some of you may be thinking “we have not learnt the 9 times table yet so I won’t be able to complete any of that column”.


Well, let’s think about that!

You know that 2 x 9 = 18.

By knowing that, it also means you know 9 x 2 also equals 18.

Therefore that will complete one of the 9 times tables (see below)


Using this strategy you should be able to fill in a lot of the square, even if we have not spent time on that specific times table.


10.15 – 11.15

English Quizzes



What better activity to include in our Wellbeing Wednesday than everyone’s favourite language challenge…. A new Boggle!


Please see today’s set of letters…


How many words can you make using only the above letters?

Can you find over 20 words? Over 30 words? I think the most we have had is in the 50s!

I can also confirm there IS a 9 letter word. Can you find it?


Couple of top tips…

Please remember I am only counting words of three letters or more!

It will help if you write out the letters in a different order. This will help you see words you did not see previously.

One of the letters is an “s” so if you can find words that do not include it, you may be able to add the s for an extra word.



Fruit and Vegetable Word Search

Knowing how much you all enjoy a good word search, I thought we could use the rest of this lesson to complete a word search on fruit.

But I don’t want to make it too easy! Therefore this word search has fruit names in Spanish (that we learnt on Monday)! Can you not only find the fruit in Spanish but also remember which fruits they are?

11.05 – 12.00

English – Where Does Your Fruit and Vegetables Come From


This week we have been looking at our topic of fruit and vegetables.

Yesterday we looked at where some other foods come from like milk and cheese.

Well today we are going to combine these things because I want you to investigate where your fruit and vegetables have come from.

Every pack of fruit and vegetables, legally have to tell you what country the food has come from.

For example below is a picture of the pears we receive at school and strawberries from the Gilbey fridge. As you can see the bag tells us the pears have actually come all the way from Portugal whilst the strawberries have come from Morroco.


Therefore in this session I would like you to find all your fruit and vegetables, have a look at the packaging and note where that fruit or vegetable has come from.


After doing this, why not look at other foods in your house. Note down each food and where the food had come from.

Some food will not say where it has come from, so note that if it is the case.


Can you see a pattern in which foods tell you where it has come from and what foods do not tell you?


Also I will give a special reward for the person that can find the food that has travelled the furthest to get to our kitchen.




1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

In keeping with our “no screen Wednesday” I still want you to use this time to read, but please do not use Bug Club today.

Why not read your reading book from school. Or you could read some of your favourite book. If you want, you could use this time to read a good comic.

I don’t mind what you read, as long as it’s not on a screen!




1.20pm – 2.20pm

Create Your Own Fruit


After your fantastic writing describing fruits earlier in the week, I thought we could use this afternoon to design our very own fruit!

Let’s use our imagination and create the most amazing, unusual fruit you can think of.


For example, could it be the same shape of a banana, but furry like a kiwi fruit, and breaks into segments like a Satsuma.

This is only an example, I am sure you can be a lot more imaginative than this.


Please draw it, colour it and label it with its characteristics.

Could you draw it twice… once for what it looks like with its skin on and again with what it looks like with its skin. Will it look very different in the two pictures?


Can you then write a short paragraph about your fruit?


Please consider…

What it looks like.

What it tastes like.

What is smells like.

Does it grow on a plant or underground?

Can you eat its skin or does it need peeling like a banana?

Does it grown in a hot country or a cold country.


I cannot wait to see some of the amazing fruits you create!




2.20pm – 2.45pm

Wellbeing Time


Without a Mr Gilbey Reads session today, I want to offer you this time to do whatever activity you enjoy – as long as it does NOT involve a screen.


Do you need some time to finish our your “Design a Fruit”? Do you want to do a bit more reading from earlier this afternoon? Maybe you could use this time to go for a walk and get some fresh air? Maybe you could even do a good deed for your grown-ups like tidy your room or help clear out your pet’s hutch?



I hope you have all enjoyed our first Wellbeing Wednesday.

Please ask your adults to continue sending me pictures of your work via Class Dojo so I can see how you are all getting on today.