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Getting Ready for Reception

Hi Everyone.


I hope you are all ok.  Thank you for the pictures and messages that you have been sharing with me about the home learning that you are doing with your children.  It is lovely to see that so many people are trying so hard.  It is that time of year when we start thinking about the new school year.  Arrangements are being put in place to ensure a smooth and gradual transition for the children into Reception.  Details will be shared with you soon.


In the mean time, home learning for this week centres around working on certain skills in preparation for Reception.  The need to continue learning sounds and numbers remains.  In addition to these it would be great if you could also work on the following skills that the children need.


Self-Care and Independence

1) I can wash and dry my hands.

2) I can wipe my nose using a tissue.

3) I can put on and fasten my shoes.

4) I can use the toilet.

5) I am learning to dress and undress myself.

6) I can put on and fasten my coat.


Playing and Sharing

1) I can take turns and share.


Speaking and Listening

1) I can talk about my ideas, needs and feelings.

2) I can ask for help when I need it.

3) I can follow simple instructions.


Eating and Drinking

1) I can use a knife, fork and spoon.

2) I can open wrappers when needed such as crisp packets.

3) I can drink from a water bottle or cup.



1) I can count a small number of items accurately.

2) I can say numbers to 20 and recognise numbers to 10 (even higher would be even better).

3) I can recognise numbers to at least 10.


Reading and Writing

1) I can recognise / read and write my own name.

2) I can hold a pencil properly to draw and write.

3) I can write my first name.  If you can already do this then try to write your second name.

4) I enjoy listening to stories and rhymes and can talk about what happens in stories and rhymes. 


As always, I can be contacted on Class Dojo, by emailing or by phoning the school office on 01902 495943.


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese