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Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Hi Everyone,


Thank you for the photographs and messages that you are continuing to send and for continuing with the home learning.  I know that it has been going on for a long time now, but you are continuing to do an amazing job.  



Please find below some links for different activities to try.  The first link 'Home Learning Timetable' will take you to a page that sets out a range of challenges each day for the various areas of learning.  It is well worth checking out and the content changes each day.  If you miss a day you are able to click on the link and go back to find what you need.  I hope you enjoy the activities on the site, they look good.   You will need to register to use the site but it is free.


I am continuing to work full time in school supporting children of key workers.  I can be contacted using the class dojo or by phoning the school office on 01902 495943. 


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese