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Week 10 - wc 15.06.2020

Home Learning Activities - w.c. 15.06.2020

Hello Reception. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. A big well done for all of your hard work again last week! It has been lovely to see the pictures on class dojo of your home learning, you are all doing amazingly. All of the links for our English, Maths and Foundation lessons with the Oak National Academy are posted below in the relevant sections. Please use the links from this page to take you to the correct lessons as we are working a week behind the lessons posted on the website. I know you have your own super ideas and activities for home learning too and I would love to hear about everything you get up to.

Physical Development

Take your pick from: Joe Wicks workouts, Cosmic Yoga, Playdough Disco, Squiggle while you Wiggle, Boogie Beebies, Go Noodle dances or creating obstacle courses and get ready for the day ahead. 


There is a choice of English activities for you to take part in this week. You are making wonderful progress with your writing and I would love to see the work you do from whichever activity you choose to take part in this week.


Firstly, if you would like to continue your English lessons with Miss Hughes, Toffee and the Oak National Academy, please feel free to do so. The links below will direct you to the next set of English lessons for Reception.

If you would like to try something different this week, how about checking out the ‘Talk for Writing’ booklets available on our school website. Use the link below to take you there. On this page there is more information about how the Talk for writing process works. Once you have chosen and clicked onto a Reception booklet, you will be provided with more information on how to use the resources. Each booklet may take a week or two to complete as there are many activities contained in each one. You do not need to print the booklets out, you may simply complete any written tasks on paper. If you would like to try out these materials this week, I'd love to hear how you get on with them. 

Please also remember, if any children are finding the writing tasks particularly challenging, tune into the RWI speed sounds, word time and spelling lessons on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel instead. This will guide children through the process of recognising their sounds, forming letters and beginning to pinch sounds onto their 'Fred fingers' to spell words. The link for this can be found below, under ‘Phonics’.


Take a look at the websites below, and click on the links provided, to get practising those sounds and learning how to read.


Something new for this week! Phonics play, a website many of you have been using at home, are now also producing decodable comics for child to practise their reading. If you would like some different reading materials to try out at home, use the link above to check out the Phonics Play comics. Try out the Phase 2 and/or first 3 comics of Phase 3.


I know many of you have been enjoying the daily RWI speed sound lessons on the Ruth Miskin RWI YouTube channel. Remember each day the Set 1 lessons will be available at the following times:

  • Speed Sounds 9.30 am
  • Word Time 9.45 am
  • Spelling 10.00 am.

The Set 2 lessons, for those children who are now confident with using their set 1 sounds, are available at the following times:

  • Speed Sounds & Word Time 10.00 am
  • Spelling 10.15 am


I know many of you have also been enjoying the games on Phonics Play. The website has lots of great games to practise reading your sounds and reading words. Phonics Play have, very kindly, allowed free access for home learning during the pandemic. The username to log on to the website is: march20 and the password is: home.


Oxford Owl have a free e-library of books for you to read. I know many of you have already registered and have been enjoying these books. If you haven't done so already, all you need to do is regsiter with an email and set up a password in order to access a huge selection of free eBooks. They also have RWI books on there too that match our reading scheme in school. 


As well as using these fantastic resources, don't forget to make some time during the week for some phonics games! Splat the sound, sound or word bingo, phonics twister, phonics jenga, the possibilities are endless. Take a look back at some of the previous weeks home learning activities for plenty of ideas.  


You were super shape detectives last week, identifying both 2D and 3D shapes and creating patterns with them. We are going to join Zara, Reggie and the Oak National Academy again this week for another week of marvellous maths. This week we will be learning all about doubling and halving. Again, I will use the topics that are taught daily at the National Academy to teach the same to children in school and ensure consistency for all Reception learners. As always, if there is ever a time when the activity set by the National Academy does not appeal, remember there is always Education City to play games and practise your maths skills too. Some suggested Education City activities are listed below.


Education City Suggested Activities:

  • Share Bears (F2 - this means it is Reception age)
  • Double the fun learn screen (Year 1 – but a good explanation on doubling)
  • Double halving learn screen (Year 1 – not tablet friendly but will work on a laptop/computer)


Alternatively, look back at some of the previous home learning maths activities and play some maths games at home. For example, you might like to have a go at doubling using a mirror or printing butterfly wings with paint. As always, I'm sure you'll have lots of great ideas of your own too. Don't forget Twinkl also have lots of fantastic resources they are offering for free to children learning at home. So if you fancy something different, search for doubling and halving activities on Twinkl. Before lockdown, I sent home with everyone a booklet full of practical ideas that covers various maths topics. I have reposted these practical ideas below too. I hope this all gives you plenty of maths options to choose from. Have fun and I can't wait to hear what you all get up to. 


If you would like to take part in this week’s foundation sessions, the links below will take you to the right pages. Have fun, it certainly looks like you have been enjoying them so far!


The Oak National Academy has now also recorded one PSHE lesson per week for Reception children to enjoy. This week the lesson is ‘We’re Part of the Same Pond’. Although this lesson is posted as Monday’s lesson, as it is a standalone lesson and not part of a sequence, it can be done on any day.

Please continue to send me all of the super work you are getting up to at home. I love to see it and hear all about it.


I hope you all have another great week and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.  


Take care and stay safe everyone.


Miss Millington