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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Dear Parents and Children,


I hope you are all ok and looking forward to coming back to school next week.  All of the children at school are really looking forward to welcoming you back.


Here are some suggestions for today.


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese

Jolly Phonic Song for Kid Phase 2

Revise the sounds that we have learned so far. Sing this song and see how many you can remember.

Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More

See if you can put some of the sounds that you know together to read the words in the song.

Writing words with water

This is a favourite activity at school and is great to do on a dry sunny day.  All you need is a brush and a pot of water.  Use the brush to write words or numbers on surfaces such as the patio or wall outside.  The words/numbers remain visible until the water dries - then you can write all over again.

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Children's read-aloud story with illustrations.

We have been learning about different types of transport this term. This story is all about a journey. Enjoy it.