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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

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Good Morning!

As it is Wellbeing Wednesday all of the activities that we will be doing today will be away from the screen. There will be no online lessons today but we still want to see all the brilliant work that you are doing so please keep in touch with us on Class Dojo.


8:55 - 9:55

Screen Free Time


To begin our well-being day we are going to start the day with a scavenger hunt, please feel free to get your parents, brothers and sister to help you with this activity. Once you have found the items take a picture and send it to us. Children who manage to find all of the items will learn themselves 10 dojo points! We would like you to hunt around the house to find the items below:

Something that is soft

Something that is hard

Something that is shiny

Something that is stretchy

Something that is see-through

Something that is liquid

Something that is natural

Something that is bendy

Something that is waterproof

Something that is made of metal

Something that is bumpy

Something that is rough


Once you’ve finished your scavenger hunt you may have time to finish making the board game that you started last week and if you have finished making the game you can play it. Or you can become a builder by using Lego bricks to create a shape pattern like we have been doing in Maths this week.





In Maths today we would like you to continue learning about patterns.

Today we would like you to look around your house for repeated patterns you can see.

This might be a pattern on a mug.




It could be a pattern on a brick wall.




See what you can find and draw what you can see.

Once you have found the patterns in your house we would like you to create your own pattern for one of the objects. It could be a pattern for a mug, photo frame or wallpaper. You can pick the object in your house.


10:55 – 11:10



11:10 – 11:35

Times table Practise


We would like you to group objects within your home into groups of 2 and then 5’s. This could be any objects you have.

You could use Lego and stack them in 2, 4, 6 and so on. See how far up the time table you can go.


11:35 – 12:25



In English, again we have no online session, we are carrying on the ‘Talk for Writing’ piece.

Using the superhero you have designed and the information you know about your character we would like you to write your own short superhero story.


A short story has a beginning, one problem, one solution and one ending.


You need to use adjective and noun phrases in your work to add description of the character and their surroundings.


Remember to write down what they can see, hear or smell.


Please read the short story below to give you some ideas, this could be your reader with someone from home.

The Hero Who Was Going To Save the World

Toto was a totally normal boy, and was paddling in the sea one day when a sea urchin stung him. At that precise moment, when he was rubbing his foot, he was simultaneously attacked by an octopus, a mosquito and a parrotfish, while being whipped by the tail of a platypus and having a seagull poop on his head....

From such an unlikely confluence of events there could only emerge a new superhero, with impressive superpowers:
Superpower Ultra Man!

Such were his powers that he immediately thought he should not waste them on little things, and Superpower Ultra Man began hunting danger and threats to the world, so he could save us from the worst of the worst.

But the more he searched with his super-sight, the more he travelled the world with his hyper-velocity, and listened to the skies with his multi-frequency digital hearing, he found no one trying to conquer the galaxy or attempting to blow up the planet. He couldn’t even find some villain planning to drain the seas or plunder a mountain. It seemed as thought everyone, the good and the bad, were busy with much more mundane things, and they only had normal problems. So Superpower Ultra Man spent his days bored, exploring the skies in search of missions impossible that were deserving of a superhero of his calibre.

He got so very bored that when they offered him a television program to do, to demonstrate his abilities, he accepted, though he would only get the chance to rescue a few dozen people.

And when, finally, his moment of glory arrived, about which every superhero dreams, his demonstration turned into a complete disaster. Superpower Ultra Man was so used to thinking of things on a grand scale that he didn’t know how to grab and rescue a single person.

He did everything to the max, without controlling his strength or his speed, so the whole thing ended up as a painful mix of blows, bruises, scratches, shouts, broken bones and torn clothing. Hurt and half naked, the “saved” ended up calling the superhero everything under the sun, amid the loud laughter of the public and journalists..

It’s possible that no superhero had ever been so embarrassed. And ever since that day, any time someone refuses to do something because they consider it to be beneath themselves, everyone remembers the case of Superpower Ultra Man and says:

-“Don’t be such a Superpower Ultra Man; if you never learn how to do the little things, you’ll never know greatness.”


12:25 – 1:25



1:25 – 2:05



As it is Wellbeing Wednesday we will not be taking part in any online PE lessons instead we would like you to spend the next 40 minutes doing your favourite exercise. You may choose to go for a run with someone in your house, take a walk around the park, go for a bike ride or even have a game of dodge ball with your family in the garden. At school we will be going for a run around the playground and then taking part in some relay races.  


2:05 – 2:45



This half term we are learning all about the Easter story in RE. During today's lesson we would like you to spend some time talking to the adults at home about Easter and why it is celebrated by Christians. Do you know what happened to Jesus? Once you have discussed the Easter Story and the events that happened we would like you to design an Easter Egg. Easter eggs are given as they symbolise the empty tomb of Jesus, from which he was resurrected.


2:45 - 3:05

Home Reader


For your home reader today get cosy, build a den and pick your favourite book to read. Maybe you could read to your teddy bear or your pet.


If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page. 


Remember there are Dojo points up for grabs for every picture we see of completed work. If you get 4000 points as a class we will have a surprise when we return back to school.

Have a great day and stay safe.


Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury