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Wednesday 25th November

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1:00 – 1:20


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Mr Gilbey reads…




09.00 – 10.00


Fractions of an amount

Zoom call at 9am for the first 15 minutes.

I was so impressed with all your work on fractions of a shape yesterday, I thought we would look at another part of fractions.

Before we do that can you remember what the numbers at the top and bottom of a fraction are called?




Sometimes we are asked to find a fraction of an amount.

For example what is 1/2 of 12?

When we are challenged with this type of question, the denominator tells us how many equal groups we need to split the 12 into. Because the denominator is 2, we need to split the 12 into 2 equal groups (see below)


Then the numerator tells you how many groups to count.

Therefore with a numerator of 1, we count how many are in one group.

This tells us that 1/2 of 12 is 6.


Let’s try one more…

What is 3/4 of 8.

Step 1 – draw 8 objects…


Step 2 – split the 8 into the same number of groups as the denominator (in this case 4)…


Step 3 – count how many are in the number groups as the numerator (in this case 3)

ANSWER = 3/4 of 8 = 6


Give the attached questions a go and let’s see how you get on.

If you just follow the above steps, you will do amazingly well!



10.15 – 11.15

Geography – Volcanos!

Had we have been at school this week, we would have started learning about volcanos.

Therefore I would like you to visit the BBC Bitesize web page on volcanos…

There are a couple of videos for you to watch and then a quiz to attempt.

After that, I would like you to try and label the diagram of a volcano found below. There is a second sheet attached that will help if you need it.

Then finally, if you still have some time, I strongly recommend you watch the below video which shows you some of the biggest eruptions ever caught on camera!

It is an amazing watch, and gives you a real insight into how powerful volcanic eruptions can really be!


11.15 – 12.15


KS2 English Comprehension Year 3 Book ONE – page 4 and 5.

Building Stonehenge

Zoom call at 11.15am for the first 15 minutes.

Time for this week’s Comprehension lesson!

Let’s remind ourselves of our rules to help us with this. How many can you remember?

This week our extract is from a book about British history, specifically a monument in England called Stonehenge. Does that make this text fiction or non-fiction?

If you struggle to read some of this text, why not read it with your adult. You could try team reading, where you read some of the words and your adult reads the ones you don’t.

Give the questions a go, remembering to follow our rules, and see what you can do.



1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Let’s continue our journey through Europe to Lapland, so settle down, get comfortable and spend these 20 minutes reading quietly. Remember to keep count of the number of pages you have read and tell me this number on Class Dojo so we can add them to the class total.

If you have an opportunity why not visit the Oxford Owl site and read a book from their collection?



1.20pm – 2.20pm

Maths fluency – the 3 times table

Today’s fluency lesson is on our 3 time’s table.

Using the “100 Square” attached, can you count in threes and shade those numbers you say. For example, 3 then 6 then 9.

This is your 3 times table!

Please then write down the numbers you have shaded in your Maths book…

1 x 3 = …

2 x 3 = …

3 x 3 = …

All the way to 12 x 3

Next, let’s practise becoming fluent in our 3 time table by going onto Hit The Button, select the 3 times tables and see how high a score you can get!



2.20pm – 2.40pm

Reading Challenge and Mr Gilbey reads…

It is here that we will find out whether we have passed through the Alps!

Also lets find out what Charlie has won in our Class Read. Mr Wonka definitely seemed excited.

Join us at 2.20pm for the final twist in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!