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Wednesday 24th June 2020


Good Morning Year 3 🙂


It was so lovely seeing you all on our zoom lesson yesterday, you all did a great job. We’ll be having another lesson tomorrow which will be an English activity. 


In Maths today we’d like you to turn to pages 12 and 13 in your CGP workbook. These pages are all about partitioning. Partitioning is a way of separating numbers into smaller units to make them easier to work with. When partitioning a 3-digit number you would separate it into hundreds, tens and ones. For example: 



700                        80                 9 


7 hundreds 

8 tens 

9 ones 


In English today we will be completing the adverb task on page 8 of the CGP booklet. Adverbs are words that describe verbs (doing words). 


She ate her dinner quickly. 

The word ‘quickly’ is an adverb as it tells us how she ate her dinner. 


Adverbs can be used before or after the verb.

She ate ‘quickly’.

She ‘quickly’ ate. 


We would also like you to complete a computing lesson from BBC Bitesize. The lesson is all about computer viruses and it gives you the opportunity to practise your typing skills. In the link below you will find videos which explain how viruses can affect your computer and devices. There are also some quizzes and fun activities such as touch typing and a dance mat typing game.


On Thursday we will be talking about some of the books we’ve been reading during lockdown. Why not read part of your favourite book today so we can talk about it tomorrow. Remember to complete your daily exercise today, this week children in Year 3 have been on bike rides, playing on their trampolines, going on walks and playing on skateboards. Maybe you could do one of those activities today. 


As always we’re available to contact on Class Dojo or via Facebook messenger, please keep those messages coming in and we’ll keep adding dojo points.Have a brilliant day in the sunshine and stay safe.


Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Etheridge