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Wednesday 24th June

Year 2! 

It was so brilliant to see you yesterday - so many of you have gained and lost teeth and I think everyone has grown so much since we last saw you! I hope you enjoy your new books and adventures with your new Flat Teacher!




Today we are going to look at nouns!

A noun is a word which gives a name to a person, place or a thing.

In these sentences, the noun is in purple!





Mrs Oakley headed the football.






                                                       The cat came and sat by the teacher.






The lady sat on the beanbag with her book and a cup of tea.






                                             Mrs Oakley had a very large hat on her head!

Watch this song to give you some more ideas!

Your task for this lesson:

Complete page 2 in your activity book all about nouns.

BONUS TASK: Create your own sentences using these nouns from The Tale of Peter Rabbit:


Today in maths, we will be doing our lesson on Zoom and we are learning all about 2D shapes! 

The main shapes we will be looking at are...


If you are unable to join us, please complete pages 49 and 50!