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Wednesday 24th February

Wellbeing Wednesday

Today we are going to be completing some activities that take you away from a screen and that will hopefully be fun and interesting to help support our mental health.

Today's timetable

8:55 - 9:55 9:55 - 10: 35 10:35 - 11:35 11:35 - 12:00 12:00 - 1:20 1:20 - 2:20 2:20 - 2:55
Maths Break English Reading Lunch Music Outdoor Maths Hunt

8:55 - 9:55


Numbers around your home

There will be no live Google Classroom sessions today. Please see below for today's activities.

Numbers are around us everywhere. We see and use numbers for many different reasons around the home. Here are some of the two-digit numbers I found around my home.


Task 1:

Find 10 two-digit numbers from around your home. Write them down on post-it notes or small pieces of paper.

Can you order these numbers from the least value to the greatest value. Write these down in your yellow maths book.


Task 2:

Maths Activity Book: Pages 10 and 11

This activity is reviewing the last 2 days of learning about comparing numbers and finding one more and one less. You will be amazing at this!


10:35 - 11:35


Wild things

There will be no live Google Classroom sessions today. Please see below for today's activities.

Today we will be making some wild things for our key text this half term. You will then be able to play with these wild things to re-enact the story.


Toilet roll wild things

Step 1: Dig through the bathroom rubbish. Eww. You need toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes.

Step 2: Fold the edges in like this. Now gaze at the form. What do you see? A cat? An owl? A monster?


Step 3: Paint or colour in your tube to make your wild things.


Wild masks

Use a paper plate or cardboard from something like a cereal box to make your own wild thing mask. If you have any wool, you can add some crazy, furry hair. Alternatively you could draw a picture of your wild thing on a piece of paper.


Let the wild rumpus begin!

Time for a bossy verb rumpus.  This is an activity to work on gross motor skills and revise bossy verbs.  

First, make your super easy bossy verb scepter.  A wooden spoon is a perfect shape. 

On small pieces of paper write different bossy verbs (see below).

The king or queen of wild things is in charge of telling the wild things what action to perform.  A crown is optional.

He or she will place an action word on the scepter and make the grand announcement. Have a wild rumpus with the wild thing you have created.



11:35 - 12:00


Max would have to have a mighty fort or castle in which to rule over where the wild things are. Build a fort using boxes or pillows and make it comfortable!

Snuggle down in your fort and calm the wild things down after their wild rumpus with a nice story from your home library. This can be a favourite RWI book or another story that you enjoy. Make this story a physical book today and away from a screen!


1:20 - 2:20


Enjoy your favourite song

There will be no live Google Classroom sessions today. Please see below for today's activities.

Listen to the radio, phone or a smart speaker and enjoy your favourite songs.

  • Be still. How does this song make you feel?
  • Are there parts of the song where the tempo (speed) changes?
  • Can you hear high notes, low notes and notes right here in the middle?
  • What timbre of instruments can you hear?
  • Now have a dance or play musical statues.


2:20 - 2:55

Outdoor Maths Hunt

Get your coats on and head outside. A walk and some fresh air will do wonders to blow out the cobwebs.

On your walk, take a look for numbers that you see. 

House numbers

Look out for two-digit house numbers.

  • What do you notice about the number of the house next door?
  • Are the numbers going up or down in value?
  • Are you counting in ones or another number?


Car registration plates

Car number plates have two-digit numbers on them. 

  • Can you spot them on a vehicle driving on the road?
  • Can you read the number before it drives past?
  • Can you guess if the next number plate will be greater than or less than the one you have found?