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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good Morning All!


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Art Lunch

Physical Session

Wellbeing session Reading for Pleasure


I'm sure you will have spotted by now that this is a different sort of day! We are going to be using our Wednesday's to celebrate wellbeing. This will involve minimal screen time as we appreciate we are asking you to spend alot of time online at the moment. Because of this, there will be no live sessions however we are still here to help. We have tried to make the tasks a little more practical, so give them a go and send some photos in. We look forwarding to seeing how you get on!

Please send your work into me via Dojo, Google Classroom or email (

We will be marking this work and using it as proof of attendance for each day.


Feel free to watch newsround each day to keep in touch with what is going on in the world.



As we are having a screen-free day, I would like you to explore the items in your home. Find 5 items that have a rectangle as one of their faces e.g. a book. 


Using a ruler, measure the item and work out its area and perimeter. Then send the answers to me. Make sure you lay your working out clearly. E.g. Book = 15.5cm x 7 cm. Area = 15.5cm x 7 cm = 108.5cm2. Perimeter = 15.5cm + 15.5cm + 7cm + 7cm = 35cm.

Below are some objects you may want to measure.



Hello Year 6 – some great headlines and orientations yesterday. Some people find this the trickiest part of a news report, so well done to you!


When journalists visit the scene of an event, they collect the relevant information they need (including the 5Ws), but they also talk to people at the scene and collect quotations. These will be people’s thoughts and feelings about the event, and they are included in the news report with full speech punctuation. They tend to be followed by words like, ‘stated’, ‘claimed’, ‘quoted’ and ‘declared’, as these are journalistic alternatives for ‘said’.


Thinking back to my report about Smellevision, I have created some quotes that I may include in the main body of the report next week;


Mrs Brant was quoted as saying, “As I was watching Country File, I noticed this disgusting, pungent smell that seemed to be coming from the set. I moved closer and I just couldn’t believe it, it was the smell of farmyard emanating from the TV!”


“We are currently investigating this occurrence,” stated Bob Chalmers, CEO of Spectre Television Technologies, “I can honestly say I have no idea how this has happened!”


“My wife had really been looking forward to purchasing a Spectre television, but I don’t think we’ll be buying anything made by them again!” claimed Mr Brant.


Notice the use of inverted commas, capital letters and further punctuation inside the inverted commas. Also notice the journalistic verbs used instead of ‘said’.


Front page news reports often have an image, followed by a caption too. Here is an example I may use in my report;

The Spectre television set that Mrs Brant claims has ‘Smellevision’ capabilities.

The caption explains the relevance of the image, in ten words or less.


TASK- I would like you to complete the first part of this task in your blue books. Please write today’s date, an ‘E’ in the margin and the title, ‘Quotes and Caption’.


For your news report next week, I would like you to write 3 quotes that you could include in next week’s report. They need to be about the clip ‘Black Hole’. They are to be 3 separate quotes from 3 different people. Think about:


  • If you interviewed the company manager, what would they say about what happened?
  • If you interviewed a police officer at the scene, what would they say about it?
  • If you interviewed the maker of the photocopier, what would they say?


Punctuate the quotes thoroughly and use the journalistic phrases I mentioned earlier.

On a separate piece of paper, (that can be cut out at a later date), draw a picture from the scene. It could be the pile of money, the safe, the culprit being arrested or something else to do with the clip. Then below it, write a caption to explain the picture that is ten words or less. Keep this tucked into the back of your book ready for next week!


Can’t wait to see your hard work, Mrs B 😊



Going to keep art very natural today. Having worked through a range of kitchen/household objects in our still life art work before half term, I would like you to either head on outside or look out of one of your windows, then draw one or two objects you can see e.g. a tree, shed etc. Make sure you take your time to give the same level of detail that your previous objects had - remember with art it is never a race and will take lots of editing!

Physical Session


As we won't be doing a live reading session today, I want you to get active! As we have learnt, when you are active, your body releases endorphins that race through your body and make you feel better! I know I go for a 30 minute walk everyday just to get this feeling. Why not go for a walk while your adult at home is on their lunch break, if you are too busy then complete some games in a garden or anything else active.

Wellbeing session


In this session, do something that makes you or your family feel good - I've attached a long list of ideas for your afternoon. These are obviously suggestions of things you may do, I look forward to seeing how you get on!