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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good Morning All!


8:40 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:15 10:20 - 11:20 11:20 - 12:00 12:00 - 12:45 12:50 - 1:10 1:10 - 2:20 2:20 - 2:45


Google Classroom Meeting at 8:40 - 8:55



Google Classroom Meeting at 10:20 - 10:35

MfL Lunch

Mr Oakley Reads Blitzed

Google Classroom Meeting at 12:50 - 1:05

Computing Reading for Pleasure


Our timetable for the day is above which will show you when each lesson will be. We will stick to these video times for the forseeable which should help you plan your day around this. 


We will continue with the 3 video lessons a day, there will be 15 minutes of input and then the rest of the time will be your own to go and do the activities.

Please send your work into me via Dojo, Google Classroom or email (

We will be marking this work and using it as proof of attendance for each day.


Feel free to watch newsround each day to keep in touch with what is going on in the world.



Today we are going to look at converting fractions to percentages. Again, this task is easiest when we have a fraction that is over 100 as we know that percent literally translates to out of 100.


Look at the example below. 

Complete the worksheet below then look at the next section.


Key decimals to remember:

1/3 = 33%

1/6 = 16.5%

1/8 = 12.5%

Now we can look at this in reverse and complete percentages to fractions which is so easy! For all percentages, you simply need to write your percentage as the numerator of our fraction then put 100 as our denominator. Then simplify it to the lowest possible answer. See below:
Now complete the worksheet below - remember to simplify the number down to its simplest form!



Mrs Brant will be leading us through some writing in our Google Classroom Meeting. Again, make sure you are logged in and ready to write by 10:20am as we will again only have 15 minutes of live video. You will need your plain exercise book ready with something to write with.


Hello again Year 6, you guys are smashing it out of the park this week, we’re all very proud of you!

Today we are moving on to write our action sequence, up to the point where our character finds what he is looking for. Watch the clip up until 1 minute and 40 seconds, so that you have the images fresh in your mind.

RUIN - Bing video

Earlier in the week, you created a flowchart of all of these events, this will be super useful today and will act as your plan for writing. Over the past few weeks, you have practised lots of really effective writing skills that we can use again and again – don’t be afraid to adapt past ideas.


TASK – Today, your task is to be completed on Google Classroom.


Today I would like you to write a paragraph that describes all of the action that happens between 50 seconds and 1 minute 40 seconds in the clip. A paragraph is usually around 6-8 lines long, but if you feel inspired and would like to go a little further, feel free to roll with your ideas. I would like to see most of the following, somewhere in your paragraph:

  • 2 higher level verbs that you collected on Monday.
  • 3 different ways of opening sentences – see ideas from last week to help you (‘ed’ adjectives, ‘ing’ verbs, adverbials of place, ‘ly’ adverbs etc)
  • I only want to see the word ‘then’ used twice at most.
  • Show me one thing about our character, rather than telling me.


I love reading your writing, excited to see how you write the action scene!

Mrs B 😊



Now we have learnt our numbers up to 100 in Spanish, we're going to start looking at the weather. Watch the video below and the complete the games attached.

Spanish 38: saying what the weather is like

Enabling children to talk about the weather

Reading with Mr O


Log back into Google Classroom for a live reading of our class reader "Blitzed" by Robert Swindells. See what happens next with George and his adventure!


Make sure you are logged in by 12:50pm to ensure you don't miss any of the story!



We're going to move back on to scratch to complete our Computing this week. Scratch was updated in September and is now fully compatable on all computers and laptops however I would recommend using Google Chrome if you are on a laptop.


For today's task, load up Scratch online and this webstie below which ahs your step-by-step instructions. To load Scratch, google "scratch" and click on the first option. Then click on the create tab at the top of the page. Or alternatively there is a link to the website below.

We are going to create a memory game in Scratch, the information in the link below will show you an example of the game and give you all the steps to make it.

Work your way through the instructions using the green button at the bottom of the page to move onto the next steps.

Reading for Pleasure


Finally, lets sign off the day with 20 minutes of reading your school reader or a book that you are enjoying. Send a photo of your signed reading record through to me. You can obviously also use Bug Club as well now. Details of how to login are on the main class page.


Well done for today everyone! See you bright and early at 8:40am on Google Meets! And don't forget to send all of your work through to me on Dojo, email or Google Classroom.