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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Hi all,


Well done for working so hard.  You are doing an excellent job with your home learning.  Here are some new activities for today.  I hope you enjoy them.


Kind regards,


Mr Leese

To play the cvc word game you will need to print off the cards (it is 2 pages).  One page has the words printed on it and the other page has pictures.  Cut out the pictures and see if you can place them on top of the word.  I have done a short video below to share the words with you using the 'Fred Talk' that we use in school.  Sorry the video is so short, but it will only allow short video clips to be uploaded to the page.  

CVC Word Video

Still image for this video
Fred has got some words for you. Watch this short video clip to see Fred share the words with you and see if you can match them to the picture cards in the above PDF file.

Have a go at writing you name

Learning to write your name is very important.  It can take a long time to learn to write it, but have a go.  It is best to spend a short time each day learning to write your name rather than trying to do it all at once.  You may find it useful to copy a name card or even trace over dotted letters on the page.  

Maths Activity

Use paint, stamps or a felt tip pen to make the correct number of dots to represent each number. 

Build a Bridge

If the Billy Goats Gruff had their own bridge they would be able to cross the river without upsetting the angry troll.  Can you build a bridge.  The pictures give you some ideas.  You may want to use lego, duplo or other building kits that you have or things from your recycling box.