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Geraldine the Giraffe learns the "or - shut the door" sound

Colourful Semantics

This video explains how we use Colourful Semantics in Year 1 to help us write sentences.


We will be looking to write some sentences to build a part of the story from Traction Man. Today we will be building our sentences using our picture cards and our sentence grids. (Watch the video above to give you a reminder if you need to.) Don't forget to use our posh blue cards for any missing words. Once you have built your sentences, read your story out loud. Stop there and wait until tomorrow to write it.



Today we will re-read the story, this time challenge yourself to read without needing to Fred Talk. Can you add some expression to the way you read? Once you have read the story, see if you can answer the questions about the story from the back pages.



We can add two numbers together in a quicker way by "counting on." By using a number line, we can begin on the largest number and then "jump forward" the second number of jumps. Be sure to only jump from one number to the next number and stop "jumping" once you have counted the correct number of "jumps."



We are going to begin to look at the story of Christmas this half term. Follow this link to watch a video about the original story and the gifts that baby Jesus received.

PE - Hand Tennis Activity

This is solely for the purpose of being available for children of Moorcroft Wood Primary School. All content belongs to the West Bromwich Albion Foundation as p...