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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning everyone,


Happy first of the month.  Thanks to everyone who is sending in the pictures and continuing to work so hard supporting the children at home.  You should all be so proud of yourselves.  


As always I can be contacted on class dojo or by emailing


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese


Activity Suggestions for Today




You can watch the speed sound session from Ruth Miskin at 9.30am.  The link is below. 


View Alphablocks Series 1 episode 8 – again the link is lower down the page.  


Continuing from yesterday, children could try to write the letter 'b'.  There is a formation video lower down the page.  Remember the tips about sitting correctly on a chair.  Some children may need you to write the letter quite big that they can trace over before having a go at writing them independently.  For some children they are not yet at the stage where they will be able to write the letters independently but try to encourage them as much as possible. 


Find household objects beginning with two different sounds e.g. t and a. you could put objects around the house in a bag and encourage children to say the sound it begins with.




Continuing with name writing is important -it is a skill that can take quite a long time to acquire.  

Can children write their first name?  Some children in Nursery can already write their first name.  If this is the case can they begin to write their last name.  I would love to see photos of written names so that I can post them on the Nursery page and award dojo points. 


The phonics activities above also form part of the literacy curriculum.  




Practise counting to 20 using the song below.  When children are able to do this confidently practise counting to 20 but starting at different numbers e.g. let's count to 20 starting at 8, let's count to 20 starting at 12 and so on.  If children have difficulty counting to 20, then start by counting to a lower number e.g. to 5, 10, 15 which ever is appropriate.  'Teen' numbers often cause some confusion so this may be an area to focus on.  


Practise counting carefully objects around the house. 


Arts, Crafts and Understanding of the World


  • Make a collage by cutting up old magazines and sticking them down.


Physical Development


Join Joe Wicks for his daily PE lesson at 9am.  The link to Joe’s youtube chanel is further down the page.   The lesson is live at 9am but I think it is available to view on youtube later if you miss it.


Can you build a house using empty carboard boxes, cereal packets etc or maybe using lego/duplo or another construction kit that you may have?


Story Time



Story for Tuesday 31st March 2020 - ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS


Jack and the Beanstalk


1)  What does 'poor' mean?

Jack and his mother were poor.  That meant that they did not have much money.


2) Why did Jack's mum decide that the cow had to be sold?

Jack's mother decided to sell the cow because it didn't give them any milk and they were poor so wanted to get some money.


3) What did the old man give Jack for the cow?

The old man gave Jack some beans for the cow.


4) Why was Jack's mum cross when Jack got home and gave her the beans?

Jack's mum wanted money, not beans.  


5) Was the ogre's wife a kind woman?

She helped Jack to hide from the ogre and she gave Jack food.  She was kind.


6) The ogre's wife said that the ogre had a 'doze' after his breakfast.  What does this mean?

It means he went to sleep for a short while.  Another word for 'doze' is 'nap'.


7) What did Jack steal?

Jack took the gold, the hen and the harp.


8) What did Jack use to cut down the beanstalk?

Jack used and axe.


9) Was it right for Jack to steal those things from the ogre?

Stealing is not right.  Even though Jack and his mother were poor it was not right for Jack to steal.  


10) At the end of the story Jack and his mother were rich.  What does 'rich' mean?

If someone is rich it means they have a lot of money. 


Story for Wednesday 1st April 2020       The Gruffalo


Watch the story and talk about these questions.  I hope you enjoy it.


1) The mouse took a 'stroll' through the deep dark wood.  What does 'stroll' mean?


2) Can you think of any words in the story that rhyme?


3) Can you describe what the Gruffalo looks like?


4) Can you think of any of the animals that wanted to eat the mouse?


5) Do you think that the animals were really scared of the mouse?


6) Why was the Gruffalo shocked when the animals ran away from the mouse?


7) Do you think the mouse is good at playing tricks?


8) Which was your favourite animal in the story? Why? 


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