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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Good Morning Everyone,


I hope you are all ok.  Thank you once again for the photographs of the home learning that you have been sending to me.  I can see that everyone is working really hard and doing an excellent job.


Here are some suggestions for activities that you may want to do today.  I hope you enjoy them.  Remember, if there are any activities that you have not managed to do from previous days you can go back to them - they stay on the web page and nothing is deleted.  You can also revisit activities that you really enjoyed if you fancy doing them again.


Kind regards,


Mr Leese

We are all different

We are all different.  Yesterday you drew a picture of your family.  Some of you sent those photographs of those drawings to me on Dojo and you have done a superb job.  Today I want you to think about how we are different to each other.  Thinking about yourself and one other person in your family, can you think how you are different.  Differences may include hair colour, different homes, different age, boy/girl etc.  

Cracker The Dragon Of Wonder | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Have a go at this online Yoga. It is Chinese New Year this Friday and the yoga adventure is all about a dragon - a creature much loved in China.


Here is the recipe to make your own play dough.  It is really easy to make.  The cream of tartar is a preservative and is only needed if you want the playdough to last longer.   A word of warning from the class cleaner - it is not the easiest to get out of carpet!


1 and a half cups of flour     ( a mug will be fine)

Half a cup of salt

2 big spoons of cream of tartar

1 big spoon of vegetable/sunflower oil

1 cup of boiling water  (the same cup/mug that you used to measure out the flour)


Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl.  If the play dough is sticky then you can add more flour.  Be careful when mixing because the play dough will be very hot at first.


Leave it to cool fully before letting your child play with it.  (At least 15 minutes but check before giving it to your child.)


Using playdough is great for building up the muscles in the arm and hand which is important for writing.  Only when these muscles are sufficiently developed will children have the strength to write well.


Children can use thier imaginations to build and make what they like with thier playdough.  Maybe they could make pretend food for a tea party.  Imaginative play is great for improving language and communication skills.  I would love to see photographs of what your child makes so please send them on class dojo.


Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /w/ sound

Get more activities, more resources and of course, more Geraldine, from Mr T's Phonics - here: We make le...

Lowercase Alphabet Letter W Learn to Read and Write

Have a go at writing the sound 'w'. You may wish to write using a pencil and paper or you may wish to write in the snow / using flour or shaving foam as we have done on previous days - have fun.


This was a much loved maths activity that we have done before. 


Tear up pieces of paper of foil to make balls about the size of marbles.  This is an activity that your child will enjoy doing and has the benefit of strengthening hand muscles which is beneficial for writing. 


Have several containers with numbers on them.  In the photograph paper plates have been used, but you may find it easier to use plastic cups or dishes.  Write a number on a piece of paper and put it in the dish/cup.  Encourage your child to put the correct number of the foil/paper balls into the cup to match the number.  


I would suggest introducing a few numbers to start with and then add more numbers if you feel your child is ready for this next step.


If you encourage your child to pick up the balls using tweezers or salad grabbers it will have the benefit of working those hand muscles further.