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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning Year 3.


Tomorrow is Safer Internet Day 2021 so our time table will look at little

different on Thursday.

We have a special guest delivering a virtual lesson at 10.30am

which will take the place of our normal Maths and English lesson.

Please be sure to visit the daily tasks tomorrow (Thursday 11th February)

to see what we are doing over the day and how to

access the special virtual assembly.


However back to today, please see below for today’s tasks.






























Times tables










Mr Gilbey Reads


Google Classroom call @ 09.25



Google Classroom call @ 11.05




Google Classroom call @ 2.20



09.00 – 09.25

Maths – 8 times table


From what I can see we are really coming on with our 8 times table.

Therefore, today is the day for attacking Hit the Button.

Before we do this why not complete the 8 times table below…


8 Times Table

1 x 8 = 8

2 x 8 = ?

3 x 8 = ?

4 x 8 = ?

5 x 8 = ?

6 x 8 = ?

7 x 8 = ?

8 x 8 = ?

9 x 8 = ?

10 x 8 = ?

11 x 8 = ?

12 x 8 = ?


Next let’s see how well you can score on Hit the Button for the 8 times table…

Please make a note of your very first score for the 8 times tabl.

That will be the score that you need to beat. It will also show you how far you progress over the coming days – for example turning a score of around 10 into one of over 20!




09.25 – 10.15

Maths – Estimating and comparing periods of time.

Google Classroom video call at 09.25am for the first 15 minutes.


Firstly let’s recap all the amazing learning we have done this week so far by telling me the times the below clocks are showing…


Today we are going to move on from reading the time to looking at estimating and comparing activities in seconds and minutes.


Firstly, who can tell me how many seconds there are on a minute?

That’s right… there are 60 seconds in a minute.


Now let’s see if you can estimate how long a minute is.

You know the drill… I want everyone to stand up and then sit down once you think 1 minute has passed. Do not just follow someone else… they might be very early or very late.

And NO cheating Year 3, I will be able to tell if you sneak a look at a clock!



Using this knowledge, I want you to come up with several activities that you then estimate how long you think it would take to complete. After you have made your estimate, you then time yourself completing the activity to see how close your estimate was.


How close was your estimate? Any activities take longer than you thought?


Below is my table to give you some ideas of the kind of activity you could choose, but please be as imaginative as you can be. I look forward to seeing some really interesting activities.






Do 20 star jumps.

20 seconds



Write out the alphabet

34 seconds



How long is the song Dance Monkey.

1 min 34 sec



Say the 8 times table out loud.

58 seconds



Complete the washing up.

5 minutes



Hoover your bedroom floor

6 mins 25 secs





A couple of points to consider…

I would like some activities that you predict will be seconds long AS WELL AS some that will be over a minute.

Do NOT rush through the activity! I want the actual time to be an honest reflection on how long something takes.

Do NOT worry if your estimate is way out from the actual time taken. This is a fun way of learning how long minutes are, do not worry.




10.40 – 11.05



Back by popular demand… it’s the Daily Boggle.

Please see below today’s nine letters…


How many words can you make from the above letters? Words with three or more letters only please.

I can confirm there is NOT a nine letter word. Therefore please just try to find as many words as possible?



  • It may help you spot words if you write out the letters in a different order. Then repeat this again and you might see different words.
  • There is an ‘s’ in these letters so if you spot any words that do not use this ‘s’, you might be able to add it to the end of your words to create another.


Bring your list of words with you to the 11.05am call so I can see how you have got on.





11.05 – 12.00

English – Journey to the Jungle

Pages 12 and 13

Google Classroom video call at 11.05am for the first 15 minutes.


After our brilliant work over the last week or so, our Jungle log is really coming on.

I read some amazing ideas yesterday so I’m feeling really positive about this piece of writing.


Today we are going to look at using grammar to up level our sentences.

Firstly we will look at using two conjunctions to add more detail to our sentences (don’t forget we looked at conjunctions in yesterday’s SPaG lesson).

Here we will look to use “and” and “but” to add detail to our planning points from yesterday.


I stared at the bright pink sky AND could not believe my eyes.

I chased the multi-coloured animal BUT it was too quick.


After that, we will return to fronted adverbials that we used when writing instructions like “Firstly”, “next” and “after that”.


Next, I decided to climb one of the pink tree so I could across the jungle.


Finally (there’s another fronted adverbial) we will build some sentences using “because” to add extra detail to our writing.


I set off back to camp BECAUSE I could hear my stomach rumbling.



Join us at 11.05am so we can discuss the above in more detail and some suggestions between us to help you along.




1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Please continue using Bug Club during this session. I am moving children up through the book bands when they qualify but if you find you do not have many books in the “Your Stuff” section, ask your adult to message me on Class Dojo and I will check how you are getting on.


Please remember my Bug Club top tips…

  • When reading a book, put it on full screen as this enables you to see and use the back and next buttons clearly.
  • If there is a bug on the page it means you have questions to answer. Click on the bug and that will reveal the question that needs answering correctly before you can move book bands.
  • At the end of the book, once you have answered the questions, be sure to click on ‘finished book’ as that then tells me that you have finished the book and how you have got on with the questions.





1.20pm – 2.20pm



Having looked at food types and how our body uses food as fuel, I thought we would look more at the human body, specifically the human skeleton.


Bones are extremely important to humans as they support our bodies, protect important organs inside our bodies, and help us move. Pretty much every one of the 206 bones most of us have serve a purpose.


Please have a read of the below presentation and learn some more interesting facts like how many bones there are in a single hand.


Once you have finished this presentation, close it down, then head to the Google Classroom “Classwork” tab where you will see a piece of work called “Bones of the Body”.

Here your challenge is to label the bones discussed in the presentation.

I have made each option multiple choice so by clicking on each box you will see two options.

As with any multiple choice with only two options, if you can discount one, you know it must me the other.

Therefore even though you might not remember the names of all these bones, there are some you will be able to work, which might help work out the others.

If you need reminding how to find this worksheet please see the details below…



  1. Go to Classwork at the top of your Google Classroom page



     2. Click on the Bones of the Body assignment at the top of the screen, then again on the title at the bottom of the box.


    3. Click on the Begin With Google.

    4. The activity then opens and you choose your answers in each box provided for each question.

    5. When you are happy with all your answers, click the “I’m Done” button at the top of the page and that’s it.


If you have any issues with the above steps, I have attached the worksheets as normal below but as you will not have the multiple choice, I’ve attached a version that gives you some of the letters of the answers.




2.20pm – 2.35pm

Mr Gilbey Reads…




Please join us at 2.20pm where we will finish our class read The World’s Worst Teachers, discuss and pick our new book, BUT MOST importantly discuss tomorrow’s Safer Internet Day where  the day will look very different from a normal day of home learning.