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Virtual Assembly with Oak Academy

As mentioned on today’s home page, this week is Children’s Mental Health week, a week to remind ourselves of the importance of looking after our mental health and well-being.



To kick start the week, why not tune into the virtual assembly with Oak Academy and Place2Be. Click on the link below to take you to the page where the assembly will be released at 9am this morning. Past assemblies with Oak Academy have lasted around 10 to 15 minutes so I expect this one will be about the same. If you are unable to tune in live at 9am, please do not worry, the assembly will be available on the same page after the event to watch at your leisure.


It is an assembly for all school aged children and families, however, I appreciate as Reception are so young, so children may struggle to hold their concentration for the duration of the assembly. If this is the case then why not, express yourself, by completing our daily calendar in whichever way you wish. If you like to sing, you could sing our days of the week song. If you like to draw or paint, you could draw a picture of the weather outside on this Monday morning or maybe a picture of how today makes you feel. Are you excited for the week ahead? Happy to see your friends on Google Classroom later? Tired from a busy weekend?


The possibilities are endless. You do you!