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University of Warwick (Y6)

Welcome to the University of Warwick!


Hi, my name is Mr Gilbey, welcome to our class page. Please take a look below at all the fantastic learning that has been taking place in Year 6 (more information can be found in the Parents' Booklet).


Also, why not visit our social media pages to see what's going on across school.

Year 6 had the most amazing day living as Vikings with the wonderful Timezone team. From organising a village where all could thrive in harmony, to making authentic jewellery and clothing, to reading and writing Viking runes, to becoming a Viking army ready to attack .

Final thanks to those adults who were able to join the morning session and got the chance to see what the children get to experience when Timezone come to town!


Angles 1
Angles 2
Angles 3

History - Vikings Display


The purpose of all the fun was to explore identity and diversity, using our teamwork skills to think about how we can work together to celebrate both our similarities and our differences.

Anglo Saxon Court

Anglo Saxon Court 1
Anglo Saxon Court 2
Anglo Saxon Court 3
Anglo Saxon Court 4

Year 5 are having a fantastic morning in an Anglo Saxon Court!

Some of these guys have been up to mischief... what will their punishments be?


Debating 1
Debating 2
Debating 3
Debating 4

Year 5 are exploring the way our country is run by practicing their debating skills.


Fractions 1
Fractions 2
Fractions 3

We used cups of water when investigating fractions. They were able to compare and order the fractions!


Michelangelo 1
Michelangelo 2
Michelangelo 3

Michelangelo inspired artwork in enrichment.


Origami 1
Origami 2
Origami 3
Origami 4

Year 3 practice some more origami in enrichment, making some wonderful paper hats!

Timezone - Stone Age

Timezone - Stone Age 1
Timezone - Stone Age 2
Timezone - Stone Age 3
Timezone - Stone Age 4

Year 3 had the privilege of Timezones, who took them on a journey back to the Stone Age and Iron Age.

Indian Party

Indian Party 1
Indian Party 2
Indian Party 3

Year 3 hosted their Indian party. Year 2 joined in the fun, involving tasting Indian cuisine, bhangra dancing and henna designs.


Mathletics 1 Congratulations to our gold certificate winners!

Indian food tasting

Indian food tasting 1
Indian food tasting 2
Indian food tasting 3
Indian food tasting 4

Year 3 have kick started their new topic of India with an Indian food tasting session!

Outdoor Science

Outdoor Science 1
Outdoor Science 2
Outdoor Science 3

Making the most of the sunshine by taking our Science lesson to the woods!


Volcano 1
Volcano 2

We have been learning about volcanoes. We made our own eruption and

then created some great volcano artwork.


Rocks 1
Rocks 2
Rocks 3
Rocks 4

Year 3 are enjoying learning about rocks and what makes them different.

This week we tested different rocks' durability and density.

Boiling and Scrambling Eggs

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 2
Chinese New Year 3

Happy Chinese New Year from Year 3! They look the part with their fabulous masks!

Castle Designs

Castle Designs 1
Castle Designs 2
Castle Designs 3
Castle Designs 4

Year 3 really got their imagination working when designing their castles

with which their fairy tail will be set in.

Reflective Materials

Reflective Materials 1
Reflective Materials 2
Reflective Materials 3

Year 3 have been investigating reflective materials in science.


Children in Need

Children in Need 1
Children in Need 2

Making Pudsey biscuits for Children in Need. They were very yummy!

Stonehenge Boy Assembly

Stonehenge Boy Assembly 1

Year 3's class assembly of Stonehenge Boy. They were absolute stars!

3D Shapes

3D Shapes 1
3D Shapes 2
3D Shapes 3

Year 3 had lots of fun exploring 3D shapes this week. They made their own shape shops and then Year 2 proved to be super customers!

Life as a Crisp

Life as a Crisp 1

Stonehenge Trip

Stonehenge Models

Stonehenge Models 1
Stonehenge Models 2
Stonehenge Models 3
Stonehenge Models 4

These are some of the fantastic Stonehenge models that have been made by Year 3!

Google Expeditions at Moorcroft Wood Primary School

On Friday 14th October 2016 - we were lucky enough to have Google Expeditions come in to pay KS2 a visit. Google Expeditions is a virtual reality tool that lets you immersive in virtual trips all over the world - through collections of 360° and 3D images.

Stone Age Actors

Stone Age Actors 1
Stone Age Actors 2
Stone Age Actors 3
Stone Age Actors 4

Year 3 proved to be fantastic actors, putting themselves in Stone Age Boy's shoes!

Stone Age

We have kicked off our Stone Age topic by making our own cave paintings!

We used oil pastels and a spray gun to create this super effect.


Measurements 1
Measurements 2

Year 3 have been practicing their measuring skills by making George's Marvellous Medicine.

Chester Zoo

Headteacher's Award's

Phoebe P. - For being persistent and never giving up.

Headteacher's Awards

Imarni R.M. – For putting in so much effort to improve.

Headteacher's Awards

Logan H. - Always trying his best and practicing his spellings

at home.

Headteacher's Awards

Anisa k. - For improving her presentation in all subjects.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1 A fantastic display about Chinese New Year!
Chinese New Year 2 All about the Year of the Monkey.
Chinese New Year 3 How to make a Chinese paper lantern.
Chinese New Year 4 How to make a Chinese paper lantern.

Headteacher's Awards

Riley C - For trying hard to improve his creative writing.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

The Year 2 class photo for World Book Day.

Willows Nursing Home

Willows Nursing Home 1

Year 1 and 2 sang beautifully to the residents of the Willows Nursing Home.

Firework Poetry

Firework Poetry 1

To read our Firework poems and see more English work, Click HERE

2D Shapes

2D Shapes 1

To see more Math work and information, click HERE

Maths Subtraction

Maths Subtraction 1

Headteacher's Awards

Ruby H. - Always volunteering and being super helpful.



Imarni-Reece M.



Anisa K.K

Headteacher's Awards

Preston S. - For putting in 100% effort in lessons so far.



Kaine P.



Jamie-Lee G.