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Space Camp 2020


What a day! Year 5 have learnt so much about the Anglo Saxons with Timezone! We have trialled witches, woven some wool, dyed fabric, played many games and even learnt how to be warriors.

Thank you so much to all of the parents who managed to make it in to see what we've been doing!

Computing - Scratch

Timezone - Stone & Iron Age

Celtic Forts

Year 3 have built their own Celtic forts using Kapla blocks!

Stone Age Cave Paintings

Colour Wheel

Bench Ball

Year 3 enjoyed learning about the colour wheel in Enrichment. They experimented with water colours to make different colours.

The Dragonsitter

Chinese New Year

A morning designing, making and measuring our very own Great Wall of China.

Children in Need

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon making Pudsey ear hats for Children in Need!


Wanted Posters



Well Done!

So proud of these phonics superstars! Fantastic results!

Headteacher's Award's

Tait M. - For fantastic participation in our history morning with Timezone.

History Week

We had a fantastic time learning about life in the past. We even wrote our names using the Roman alphabet! You can see more pictures on the History page.

Phonics Tag Rugby

Year One played Phonics Tag Rugby in the sunshine.

Cannock Chase Museum - Part 1

Year 1 had a fantastic day finding out all about toys Victorian children used to play with. We even got to watch a Punch and Judy show!

Cannock Chase Museum - Part 2

After lunch we made our own peg dolls. To end the day we took part in a dance workshop where we dance like puppets on a string and robots.

Phonics Club

Fun in the sun at Phonics Club

Under the Sea

Traditional Toys

Investigating traditional toys in history.

The Queen's 90th Birthday

Year 1 made Crowns, Pom poms and Cones to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.

Headteacher's Awards

Mateusz R. – For his super questioning on evergreen and deciduous trees in science.

Sponsored Walk

We completed 11 laps of the school grounds and walked 8542 steps.

Well done Year One!

Headteacher's Awards

Tait M. - For working really hard to improve his reading

and comprehension.

Underwater Projects

Some fabulous under the sea projects have been brought back to school.

Keep them coming year one!

Easter Bonnets

Headteacher's Awards

Lily-Mae H. - Always sitting quietly, listening carefully and trying her best.

Science - Plants

Year 1 have been working hard studying Plants and Trees in Science this half term!

Wonka Maths

Polar Regions

Headteacher's Awards

Oliver S - For making an excellent effort to improve his writing.

World Book Day

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

The Great Fire of London

Year 1 will be looking at The Great Fire of London for their History topic.

Willows Nursing Home

Year 1 and 2 sang beautifully to the residents of the Willows Nursing Home.


Anti-Bullying Week

Year 1 proudly wearing the anti-bullying badge they have designed and made.

Anti-Bullying Week

Year 1 have been working hard writing recipes for friendship for Anti-Bullying week.

Dinosaur Detectives

Tuesday morning got off to a very exciting start for Year One! Mr Lines spotted strange lizard like creatures around school on Monday night and after finding footprints in our classroom, Year One were determined to find out who or what had visited our school.

Super detective work commenced as the children began to study the footprints that had been left and compare the shape of them to dinosaurs in our dinosaur museum. Miss Millington and Mrs Jordan were a bit scared to go outside after seeing this but Year One wanted to go on a dinosaur hunt!


They were so brave and excellent dinosaur detectives. We followed the footprints into the woods where we found dinosaur bones and an egg!

After studying the evidence and comparing this with information from non-fiction books, Year One concluded the footprints were that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We are keeping the egg safe in class for now but who knows what will hatch out of it!



Headteacher's Awards

Georgia W. - Fantasitc detective skills in our dinosaur hunt



Maisie H.



Paige A.

Headteacher's Awards

Whole class - For an excellent start to Year 1.



Alicia-Mai Y.



Daniel P.