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University of Birmingham (Y4)

Welcome to the University of Birmingham!


Hi, my name is Miss Wall, welcome to our class page. Please take a look below at all the fantastic learning that has been taking place in Year 4 (more information can be found in the Parents' Booklet).


Also, why not visit our social media pages to see what's going on across school.


Spellings 1 Group 1
Spellings 2 Group 2
Spellings 3 Group 3
Spellings 4 Group 4

Science experiment

Year 4 are carrying out a science experiment to test whether they can hear a pin drop.

Ancient Greeks Display

Ancient Greeks

How Rocks Change

How Rocks Change 1
How Rocks Change 2
How Rocks Change 3
How Rocks Change 4

Year 3 explored 'how rocks change' using bottles, sample rocks and water. The lesson was more of an intense fitness work out, with lots of shaking!

However, through the red faces and grins, we learnt about erosion on a micro scale.

Stone Age Projects

Stone Age Projects 1

Wow! Take a look at Year 3's fantastic Stone Age Projects.

Tennis Session

Tennis Session 1
Tennis Session 2
Tennis Session 3
Tennis Session 4

A big thank you to Tipton Sports Academy for a great morning.

We really enjoyed their tennis session. Wimbledon here we come!

In D&T, we followed our plans to create our fruit faces.


It looks like some fairies have moved into Moorcroft Wood!

After finding a tiny key we went to the woods and couldn't believe what we saw!

The Mysterious Door

Year 1 found a mysterious door in the woods. We knocked but nobody answered. Who lives behind it?

Phonic Games

Phonic Games 1
Phonic Games 2
Phonic Games 3
Phonic Games 4

A beautiful afternoon for Phonic games on the field!


Year 1 had a shock when we found Stickman in our classroom!

There have been some fantastic suggestions on how he got here!

Growing Beans

Growing Beans 1
Growing Beans 2
Growing Beans 3
Growing Beans 4

To kick off our new Plants topic, Year 1 are growing beans!

Phonics Club

Lovely to see so many parents at Phonics Club.

Thank you to those who were able to attend.

World Book Day 2017

Superdog Part 2

Weather Projects

Weather Projects 1
Weather Projects 2

A big thank you for the fantastic weather projects that have been brought back already. Keep them coming! 


Transport 1

The children of Year 1 have been working with their parents about transport - see anything familiar?

Class Assembly

Phonics Club

Year 1 have created some fabulous pieces of art!

We drew patterns onto polystyrene tiles and the covered them in paint before printing

our design onto paper!

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Great Fire of London

Year 1 travelled back in time to 1666 to experience the Great Fire of London.

A big thank you to all the children and families for making the houses and allowing us to burn them in our Great Fire of London experience!

Non-standard Measurements

Non-standard Measurements 1
Non-standard Measurements 2
Non-standard Measurements 3
Non-standard Measurements 4

Year 1 have been working hard using non-standard measurements to measure Santa and his friends!


Elfie 1
Elfie 2
Elfie 3
Elfie 4

Year 1 have been writing all about our cheeky visitor. He's been up to all sorts!

Willenhall Fire Station

A big thank you to Willenhall Fire Station for coming to talk to us about the Great Fire of London and fire safety. A fantastic afternoon!

Children in Need

Children in Need 1
Children in Need 2
Children in Need 3

Year 1 and 2 had a lovely afternoon making Pudsey ears and decorating biscuits!

Great Fire of London

Great Fire of London 1
Great Fire of London 2
Great Fire of London 3

Year 1 have completed some super Great Fire of London projects over half term.

Keep them coming!

Phonics Club

Dinosaurs In School!

After seeing those shocking photos, Year 1 are writing about what the dinosaurs did last night

We found out who caused the mess in our classroom!

Mr Lines has given us descriptions of the creatures he saw and we made them using 3D shapes. Have you seen these creatures?

Hurry to school Year1 - something has been in our classroom and we need your help to find out what is was!

Headteacher's Awards

Lexi D. - For being an excellent role model to others.



Harry-James B.



Maisie F.