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Tuesday 5th January 2021

Good morning little superstars!


Today we will be getting everything prepared for our home learning journey to begin tomorrow. As I have shared on Class dojo this morning, on our class page on the school website there are links to maths, reading and writing tasks that you may want to take a look at today. Alternatively, there are some ideas below of activities you may wish to have a go at in order to get yourself ready for tomorrow.


1. Setting up your work station

We will be taking part in a lot of practical activities over the next few weeks and you will find yourself working all around the house, However, there will be times when we sit down to practise our handwriting. For today, find a place in the house where you can get comfortable and ready to begin your home learning journey. It might be you have a little table and chair you could use or you might prefer to work at a dining room table. Wherever you feel most comfortable, put your home learning pack on the table ready to begin.


2. Stationary scavenger hunt

In your home learning packs we have included some stationary, scissors and glue for you to use. However, there might be other things you have at home that you would like to use too. Go on a hunt around the house to find anymore colouring crayons, felt tip pens, wax crayons, sparkly pens, gel pens etc. that you want to use and place them on your new work station.


3. Home learning buddies

Pick your favourite teddy, doll or action figure to be your home learning buddy and show them where they will be working tomorrow.  


4. Help around the house

Can you do a good deed for somebody in your house today? Could you help the people you live with by tidying your room or making your bed? Or helping them out in the kitchen?


5. A task for the adults J

If possible, please can an adult set up their child’s google classroom account that we will be using over the coming weeks. Login details are in home learning packs for those that already have theirs at home. For those who haven’t had their packs yet, please don’t worry they will be with you shortly. Once you receive them, can you type into your internet browser – Google Classroom – click the link and then on the sign in box for Google Classroom on the top right hand corner of your screen. Use the login details on the strip in your pack, accept the new user agreement and click on ‘I’m a student’. Once you have done this a box will appear named ‘RM’. Click on this link. This will be the place where we can all meet via video over the coming weeks. Today is just to get familiar with where to find it. Many thanks J.


I’d love to hear all about your good deeds today and also see any photos of what you get up to. Have a lovely day. Take care and please message me on class dojo if you have any questions or worries.


Miss Millington.