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Tuesday 5th January

Remote Learning Week Commencing 4th January


Welcome back to some more Remote Learning Year 3!


Whilst it is not ideal, we were so impressed with November’s Home Learning we are really excited to see what you produce this time.


On Tuesday we will be getting the finer details of our Home Learning schedule sorted.

Please use today to get your bits sorted so we can hit the ground running tomorrow. Below are some suggestions I would like you to work through and keep an eye out for a communication later with the finer details of Wednesday’s lesson.


  1. Setting up your work area

Much like we did last time, please revisit your proposed work area and make sure it has everything ready for tomorrow.

You will need the pack we sent out to you during November’s lockdown - This was either returned to you yesterday OR you need to use today to look for it at home!

Have you got some pens and pencils to help with your work?

Do you need a cushion for your chair?

Why not make it as comfortable as possible.



2. Fitness.

If we were in school today we would have had a PE lesson.

I don’t know about you, but I ate far too much over the Christmas break so I was looking forward to getting a sweat on.

Therefore today, please look to complete at least one of the fitness workouts below.


The BEST ever Joe Wicks workout (I do love Halloween!)

The Best P.E. With Joe EVER

Cosmic Yoga Go On A Safari Adventure!

So clear some space, put something suitable on your feet and get your sweat on!


       3. Around the House Scavenger Hunt

A little challenge for you to get your teeth into over the course of the day.

I want you to find a different item beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

For example an apple for the letter A, a book for the letter B etc.

Can you send me one photo that shows all 26 items?

Dojo reward for the most imaginative items!


4. Good Deed Tuesday

Your next challenge is to do a good deed for someone at home.

We are going to need lots of support and assistance over the coming weeks so what can you do to put a smile on their faces?

Could you tidy your room without being asked?

Could you prepare lunch or help prepare dinner?



Once I have a confirmed schedule for our learning from Wednesday, I will send a new message on Class Dojo to direct you to the information.

This will include times for virtual lessons, the system we will use and all the other essential information.


ONE THING I must emphasis… please do not start any work from the packs today. We will work though these together over the coming weeks.


Enjoy your challenges today, and I will see you all tomorrow!