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Tuesday 30th June


On Friday, we learned about expanded noun phrases. Look at this link for some more help!


Rewrite this paragraph in your best handwriting (adults, please don't print it, we are practising our writing as well as our description!) and add adjectives to create expanded noun phrases.


Today we are looking at tally charts! We have looked at this a few times in class - watch these two videos to remind you how we use them.

Challenge 1: Complete page 55 in your activity book.

Challenge 2: Create your own tally chart - you could choose what types of food you eat throughout the day, or the favourite colours of the people you see today. You could even phone or message friends and family to get their data!


Today we will be finding out all about reflective materials!


Spend ten minutes reading - it could be a book you have at home, or this eBook I have uploaded...