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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Hello Nursery,


I hope you are all ok and looking forward to starting back at school next week.  Everyone at Nursery is certainly looking forward to seeing you again.


Here are some activity suggestions that you may like to try today.


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese

I went to the shop and I bought...

This is an excellent game to play to improve speaking and listening skills as well as memory.  The game begins with someone saying 'I went to shop and bought...' and the first person to play states an item.  The second person then says 'I went to the shop and bought  ...(repeats the item the first person says) and then adds another item'  and so on.  How many items can you remember.  It is likely that when only a few people are playing the game that you will have several goes.


1st go - 'I went to the shop and bought some chocolate.'

2nd go - 'I went to the shop and bought some chocolate and a cake.'

3rd go - 'I went to the shop and bought some chocolate, a cake and a banana.'

4th go - 'I went to the shop and bought some chocolate, a cake, a banana and a book.'

and so on.



Lego Stories

Design and create a model using Lego bricks.  What will you build?  A castle? A house? A pirate ship? A school? Once you've made your model use some figures, animals or other small world toys to create a story adventure.

Writing in Foam

You have spent a lot of time learning your sounds and some short cvc words.  Try writing in foam.  You may want to copy the letters from a short word as shown in the picture, try writing single letter sounds or have a go at writing your name.  Remember, you can also try writing your numbers in the foam too.

Home Sweet Home

Draw a picture of your house, or a house that you can see from your window.  How many windows and or doors can you see?  Draw them.  Where do you live?  Find out the name of your street, town and country.  Colour in the picture of your house.