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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your continued support with your child's home learning.  It is great to see that so much learning is taking place at home.  All photographs that I receive will be posted on the school web page.


As I am sure you are aware, school remains closed to Nursery children but is open to some children.  I am now working full time from school.  I will update the home learning page every afternoon and will post activity suggestions for the following day.  I will do my best to answer messages throughout the day, but this will not always be possible because I will be supervising a group of children.  If your message is urgent, I can be contacted by phoning the school office on 01902 495943.


In the mean time, I hope you find the activity suggestions useful.  The main focus remains learning the letter sounds, blending these sounds together to say words, counting skills, number recognition and sharing and discussing stories. 


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese



Revise the letter sounds using the 'Ants on my Arm' song.


Use the epic phonics song to try and blend the words. 


RWI lessons are available daily on You tube.


Use 5 sheets of paper.  Write a letter sound at the top of each sheet of paper.  Encourage your child to look for things in the house that begin with each of the sounds.  Can they place the items on the page.  You may wish to take a photograph of the items that the children find and email them to me.  I will post yur pictures on the Nursery homepage photo album.





Jolly Phonics Phase Two

Revise all sounds

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Continue learning to count to 20.  I have heard that some children are already confident with this and are learning to count to 30 which is excellent.  Do not worry if your child is unable to do this yet - it will come with time!


Use the counting song to help with this.  The link is below. 


Also I have included a link to Number blocks.  The Number blocks use a series of songs to help children learn each number.  You may wish to explore them.


Remember to count as frequently with your child as you can.  This could be counting the number of stairs when you walk up them, counting the number of tiles on the floor, the number of books/dvd's etc on the shelf, the number of cups on the side - whatever it is, count them. 


You may wish to play the number bingo game - link below.


Count And Move (HD) | Super Simple Songs

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Story Time


Share a favourite story with your child.  Talk about what happens in the story and discuss any words that your child was unsure of.