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Tuesday 26th January

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Times table






Book review






Mr Gilbey Reads…


Google Classroom call @ 09.25



Google Classroom call @ 11.05




Google Classroom call @ 2.20




09.00 – 09.25

Times Table Practise

We are going to continue practising our 4 times table in this session.

Why not write out your 4 times table like you did yesterday…


0 x 4 = 0

1 x 4 = 4

2 x 4  = 8

3 x 4 = ?

4 x 4  = ?

5 x 4  = ?

6 x 4  = ?

7 x 4  = ?

8 x 4  = ?

9 x 4 = ?

10 x 4  = ?

11 x 4  = ?

12 x 4  = ?


Then log onto Hit the Button (using the below link) and see if you can beat your score from yesterday.

If you do not have access to the internet at this time, why not ask your adult to choose a number between 0 and 12 and then you shout out what that number times 4 is. For example if your adult shouts out 3, you calculate what 3 times 4, and shout out 12. How quick can you get at shouting out the answer?


PLEASE use this time to practise just your 4 times table!

We will move onto other time tables later, but the challenge is to become fluent in your 4 times table!



09.25 – 10.15

Maths – Money!


Google Classroom video call at 09.25am for the first 15 minutes.


A fantastic start to our topic of money yesterday!


Today we are going to use those skills again to calculate how much some baskets of shopping costs.

So we have the below price list…



Using these prices, you need to calculate how much each basket of shopping costs.

Let’s do one together…


What would my basket cost if I bought…

  • A banana.
  • Some rice.
  • And an apple.


Using our column addition skills, ensuring the layout is correct and all our place values are correct, we would have




+        £0.50



So that basket would cost us £4.50.


Please attempt the baskets on the attachment below and work out how much each would cost.



10.40 – 11.05

English – Sentence Types

KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Question Book

Pages 18 and 19.


In this 25 minutes, we are going to complete pages 18 and 19 from the Key Stage 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling question book.


These pages look at the different types of sentences which we have previously looked at in class.

Before looking in the book, can you remember any of the four types of sentence?

That’s right we have…


Statements            Tells you something factual.

                             “A rainbow has seven colours”


Questions               Asking something - needs an answer.

                               When punctuated correctly should have a question mark at the end (?)

                              “What did you eat for dinner?”


Exclamation             Shows a strong feeling.

                                Normally stated with the word “What” and “How”.

                                When punctuated correctly should have an exclamation mark at the end (!).

“What an amazing snowman


Command                 Orders you to do something.

                                Think bossy Mr Gilbey.

                                "Stand up now."


Armed with these reminders you have everything you need to complete pages 18 and 19!




11.05 – 12.00

English – Book Review.


Google Classroom video call at 11.05am for the first 15 minutes.


As most of you have found time to log in and start reading a book in Bug Club, you will have seen what a truly amazing selection of books there are to read. Therefore I was thinking it might be nice if we had some book reviews to help you choose the next book to read.

So I would like to use this time to write a book review for the book you are reading through Bug Club.

If you are one of the few children yet to log into Bug Club, you will need to write the book review on your school reading book you have.


We did one of these in our two weeks Home Learning in November so you should be familiar with what kind of things should be included in a book review…



You need to detail…

The characters in the book.

What happened in the book?

What you thought of the book – did you enjoy it or not?

Would you recommend this book to other people?

Then considering this, what star rating would you give it out of 5.


Please complete the attached book review and then keep it safe so we can compile them all once we are back at school.

1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Use this 20 minutes to continue your quiet reading time.

Settle down with a pillow, get comfortable and enjoy this quiet reading time,


If using Bug Club please remember…

  • It is NOT how quickly you read the books that will decide if you move up book bands.
  • It is actually how you score on the questions that you are asked throughout the book.
  • Therefore please read the book several times before even attempting the questions.
  • Then when you are ready to answer the questions please take your time like you would during a comprehension lesson.
  • Even though you may be given a second chance to answer a question correctly, it is your first answers that gets logged so getting them right first time will help you move through the book bands.


If you one of the class not yet logged onto Bug Club, please see below some easy steps on how you can get in and start reading.



1.20pm – 2.20pm



For today’s PE lesson I would like you to get some fresh air, as well as get your heart rate up.

If you are lucky enough to have a back garden, why not wrap up warm, get on a couple of pairs of socks and go play in the snow. Do your adults need the snow cleared off the cars or the drive? Maybe if there is still snow on the ground, you could make a snowman and send me a picture of him/her.

If you do not have a back garden, maybe you could go out for a walk with your adults?


After you have done that, if you still have some energy you could then attempt a workout of either Joe Wicks, yoga or some Super movers…

PE With Joe 2021

Cosmic Yoga - Star Wars (The Force Awakens) Adventure

And of course, it would not be a PE lesson without our “PE Challenge”…

Physical Challenges! - #2 (equilibrium)


This one maybe best attempted outside if using a pole, or if you want to start with a pencil or ruler for example that could probably be tried inside.

I would love some action photos and how long you managed to keep your equipment balanced via Class Dojo please.



2.20pm – 2.35pm

Mr Gilbey Read…World's Worst Teachers


After our day off yesterday for a class wide Show and Tell, we are going back to our traditional Mr Gilbey Reads.


The last time we read The World’s Worst Teachers we were introduced to The Incredible Bulk!

Join us to find out how the school’s football team will get on in their importance tournament without any proper training from the Incredible Bulk!