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Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Good Morning Year 3 🙂


We hope that you all had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the activities. It was great to see so much work from all of you, keep it up! We’d love to see more of you reading each day, we know it’s difficult to complete all of the activities but reading is really important so if you can find the time please read for 15 minutes today.


Today’s Zoom lesson will be from pages 10 and 11 of the KS2 Maths CGP workbook. If your joining us for the lesson at 1 o’clock then please don’t complete this activity until then. If you can’t make the zoom lesson then please complete the pages some time during the day. This activity is all about ordering and comparing numbers. A helpful tip when ordering numbers is to read all of the numbers first and once you’ve found the smallest number write it down and then cross it out, this way you won’t use the same number twice. You’ll also see the < > symbols, we remember this as a crocodiles mouth and crocodiles always eat the biggest number. For example: 


121 < 123


The is because 121 is less than 123 so the crocodiles mouth will face 123 as this is the bigger number. 


In English today we will be completing an activity from the KS2 English CGP workbook, please open your booklet to pages 5 and 6 and work through the tasks all about verbs. Verbs are doing words and every sentence must contain one.


For example: 

The beautiful lady walked gracefully down the street.


The word ‘walked’ is an action word and it tells us what the lady was doing. 


We would like you to complete a Geography activity all about the different biomes. Biomes are areas across our planet that have similar climates, landscapes, animals and plants such as the rainforest and the desert. Please click on the link below to enjoy watching the videos and then complete the activities.


It’s going to be a sunny day today so make sure you get outside and enjoy the weather and remember to get your daily exercise in. You could go on a bike ride, play on your trampoline or on a skateboard. 


As always we’re available so please contact us on Class Dojo or via Facebook if you need any help. Have a great day and we’ll see you all at 1 o’clock for our zoom lesson.


Have a great day and stay safe. 


Mrs Joesbury and Mrs Etheridge